How To Lose Weight Through Outdoor Cycling

Getting fitter and slimmer is not an easy task. It seems that everyone wants to pick up a fight with being unhealthy. And that is a great spirit to have. The question is, how to do it? How to lose excess weight without tears and strict diets? Well, the answer to these questions is quite simple, and it is outdoor cycling.

Is it even possible?

Losing weight comes down to math. You probably didn’t like it back in school, but there is turning away now. All you have to do, is to calculate how many calories is your intake, and how much your body burns by keeping you alive. The rest of the difference is exercise. And when you burn more than you eat, that is when you start to lose weight. Outdoor cycling, especially with the right bike, like the ones listed on Bikes Reviewed, is a perfect activity to get you back on track with your weight goals. Losing weight riding a bike is not only possible but also enjoyable.

Goals for weeks

To start your weight loss cycling journey, you should set a weekly goal, a two in one goal. The first part being an expected amount of weight you want to lose, and the second part should be the number of kilometres you would like to achieve. For your weight goals, make sure it is no more than one kilogram per week, as more than that is considered unhealthy for people. It is best to look before you leave, so do not aim for unrealistic results. It will bring you only more stress and disappointment, and you need to avoid that as it may slow your losing weight process. And maybe even distract you on the road!

The faster, the better?

The answer is, absolutely not. Turns out, being the fastest on the road does not help you much when it comes to losing weight. The most suitable pace for bike riders is moderate, so when your heart-rate is at 68 to 79% of your maximum heart-rate. This is when the magic happens, as it is the optimal pace to burn fat. To be sure you are riding at the perfect speed, you can track your heartbeat with some help of a smartwatch or an app. If you don’t want to use any additional devices while you cycle, try to keep it at a pace when you are a little bit out of breath, but still able to talk properly. This rule should make your exercise not only effective but also enjoyable because you will not dry yourself out.

Exchange traffic for health

One of the most exciting things about cycling is how it can save you tons of time and make you an environment-friendly person. Just switch a car or public transportation for a bike. Two wheels should lower the time you need to get to work or school every day. That means more sleep, and that means being even more healthy. There is just no losing when you choose the bike. Also, check your last fuel bill or ticket fee, and think about the amount of money you spent each day before you even start making it. Cross both of those bills out of your balance and spend it on a new pair of jeans in a smaller size. Also, cycling might be the greatest exercise for busy people. You don’t have to go to the gym, but you have to get to work, right?

Ride or die?

A bike is most definitely your ride or die. Be sure you do not make cycling a seasonal thing. Train all year-round and keep track of your progress. Be loyal to yourself and your new two-wheel friend. Keeping track will help you stay motivated and accountable, as a weight loss journey is not something that ends overnight. But don’t weigh yourself each day, you will not see results in hours, but you will feel them every day by looking and feeling better and starting to arrive at work sooner and sooner.

Hug your pillow more

Introducing a regular exercise is beneficial for your body, but it means that it needs some proper regeneration. Sleep is the best solution to his problem. Besides, it is not only about your muscles being tired. It is also essential for weight loss success to sleep the recommended six to eight hours. According to research, people who sleep well on a day to day basis are more efficient at losing weight and after reaching their goal at keeping it off.

Cycling is something that most people can do, yet most of them underestimate the weight loss potential of this activity. Fortunately, you are not one of them. Losing weight is a process that appreciates both the big and small changes. Start with riding a bike, so just a little bit of exercise and build up good habits for the years to come. You will thank yourself in the future for choosing cycling as your way to become a healthy, fit person. Let’s ride!