How to Make Him Want You

Sometimes in a long-term relationship you reach a point where it seems like the flame has just burned out, and that wild attraction you first had for each other has fizzled away. You still love each other, but the passion has taken a back seat to more practical priorities and a night of sultry, sizzling love-making is nothing more than a distant memory.

And you miss that feeling. You miss the days when he couldn’t keep his hands off you. You remember what it felt like for your man to reach for you during the night, and now it feels like sleeping with an uninterested stranger. You’re wondering if it’s possible to “bring back that lovin’ feeling.” What can you do to re-ignite the spark? How can you make him want you so bad he can’t wait to be alone with you?

Here are a few tips on how to get your groove back and make him want you all over again:

#1 Let him know that YOU want HIM!

Maybe he doesn’t try to get in your pants all the time anymore because he thinks you don’t want him to. He knows how busy  you are with your job and taking care of the kids and making dinner and all that you do, and he’s heard you tell him “I’m too tired” enough times that he just accepts that he’s out of luck. You’ve slipped into a routine that doesn’t include any hanky-panky so now your man is under the impression that you don’t want him that way. He probably thinks the only things you want him for are to take out the trash and fix the leak under the sink.


So the most important step in making him want you is to let him know that you want him. You can do this a few different ways- with subtle hints or with a bold move. Subtle ways to get your message across could include things like this: when you pass by him in the hallway, reach over and squeeze his tush. The bold move is to just come right out and say it: “Baby, I want you.”


The odds are in your favor. If your man realizes you actually want him to make a move he will probably rise to the occasion.


#2 Build anticipation.

Get him to think about you all day long… while he’s at work, while he’s at the gym, while he’s hanging out with his friends. Do something that will get his attention and keep it even while he’s not with you. You could write him a little love note and put it in his lunch box or briefcase. Say something like: “Let’s have some alone time tonight, you sexy thing,” or “I’ve got something to show you when you get home.” (Be prepared to show him a new teddy, or go nude under a trench coat.)


Another way to get yourself on his mind is for you to surprise him out of his ordinary morning routine by turning that quick goodbye peck-on-the-cheek as he leaves for work into a long, wet, passionate kiss. He won’t be able to concentrate on anything all day for thinking about you and that kiss.


#3 Make an effort with your appearance.

I know the sweat pants are really comfortable, and you barely have time to take a shower, much less shave your legs. But if you look like a harried housewife then you don’t look like you want some nooky. So go the extra mile with your appearance. Some would say men don’t notice when you are wearing a new outfit or you’ve done something different with your hair. I say make him notice. Go all the way, over the top, no holds barred.


Start from the skin out. Not only do you want to be clean and smelling great, you want your skin to be soft and smooth. Take time with your grooming, and you know what I mean. Then wear the clothes that make you feel sexy and that show off your best features. First, wear your sexiest bra and panties. You don’t want him to start undressing you and get turned off by the granny panties. If you have a favorite dress, wear that. When he comes in the door and sees you all dressed up, he might ask where you’re going or if you have plans he forgot about. Just say, “No plans to go out, sugarlips, I just wanted to look nice for my man.”

#4 Do something he likes.

You know your man, and you know what makes him happy. Make a special effort to give him something that you know he really enjoys. This could be any number of things, from making his favorite dinner to pole- dancing for him. Go to the video store and pick up his favorite movie, or wear the dress you know he likes. Buy him an item for his collection or something that goes with his hobby.

He’ll love you for it, and showing his appreciation could easily lead to really showing his appreciation, especially if you let him know you are willing.

#5 Give him “The Look.”

You know the one. That look you perfected back in your swinging single days when you could eyeball a hot guy from across the room and have him headed your way in a blink. Pick the right moment, a quiet time when you have his attention and the time to follow through with it. Then just look him right in the eye, with that little smile and the “come hither” expression.

This carries us right back to the first tip, letting him know you want him. Say it with your eyes. If he doesn’t get it at first, then try again. Men are easily led, especially by their nether regions, so just as soon as he realizes that you want him to want you, he’ll be all over you.