107 Plaid Outfits How To Wear

Checkered patterns are trendy and never gets old fashion style for every individual. You can see checkered inner tops, pants, shorts, skirts, shorts, jacket, scarf, socks and more. It is always an outfit that looks best with any plain pants, shorts, or skirt. Also, plaid outfits can be worn for casual, corporate, or any fashionable outfits for a daily dress code. Checkered outfits are also referred to as Tartan designs because they consist of square geometrical figures that have beautiful complementary colors of usually 3 and more shades. Wearing plaid outfits will definitely rock your day with a fashionable look and coolness. Create a trendy and funky aura to the crowd by wearing your favorite checkered outfit.

Tartan Skirt for Outdoor Trip


It might be difficult to wear a black coat and you don’t know what apparel to partner it with. Actually, you may wear a yellow checkered skirt with a black V-neck top for your black coat. Also, match the outfit with a sling bag, sunglasses, and black shoes to complete the look.

Civilian Style Checkered Half Sleeve Polo Shirt


Sometimes, girls do love to wear boyish look style of clothing. The reason why the red checkered long sleeves then folded defines their appearance and character. It is suitable to wear with high waist black skinny jeans, black rubber shoes, shades, belt, and clutch bag.

Winter Wear Tutu Dress Style Tartan Tops


You should be wearing something unique even though it’s a cold season month. You may still look fashionable by wearing this checkered and sophisticated color tutu dress and pair it up with skinny jeans. Of course, do not forget the low-cut boots for your overall look.

Simple Checkered Half Sleeve Casual Outfit


It’s really comfortable to wear something casual like checkered half sleeves, skinny jeans, belt, doll shoes, shoulder bag, and shades whenever you’re traveling or hanging out with friends.

Asian Chic Black and White Checkered Long Sleeves


Plaid outfits are not actually for cowgirl theme, it can also be worn for a civilian look and make the trendiest appearance ever! The checkered long sleeves perfectly match with the ripped jeans, slip on, Panama hat, light brown cardigan, and round eyeglasses to come up with an Asian look.

Uniquely Structured Long Sleeve Upper Garment


Wear something symmetrical and lovely for your casual style by suiting this long sleeve, skinny jeans, and T-strap pointed shoes. It’s simple yet smart in terms of the appearance.

Passionate Red Checkered Oversize Cardigan


Being smart cannot only be seen in the attitude but also the way you present yourself as an individual and fashionable icon. In this checkered wool coat, you may try this outfit for cozy seasons and partner it with a simple plain white shirt and high-waist leather tight pants.

Cozy Checkered Violet Long Sleeves


Try this boyish outfit by wearing a loose gray shirt, purple stylish plaid long sleeves, skinny jeans, and low-cut boots. Accessorize the style by wearing a bonnet to complete the fashionable appearance.

Blue Checkered Long Sleeves for Inner Top


Checkered outfits can also be worn for smart casual office attire. If you want to play with your style, you may wear this combination of plaid green long sleeves, green cardigan, standard-cut denim skirt, and accessorize it with jewelry and handbag.

Stylish Checkered Half Sleeves for the Winter


Whenever it’s winter, some fashionistas see this season as the months of voguish fashions because the wool and coat are the most popular attire being worn by the stylish. In here, you will see that even paid half sleeve clothing can also keep pace with the seasonal trend.

Loose Oversized Long Sleeves for Casual Look


Feel comfortable even during the summer season with your loose tartan patterned long sleeves, ripped jeans, and low-cut boots. This is a nice outfit to wear for your travel activities.

Tartan Long Sleeves as Wrap Up Accessory


Have an aura of rock and roll by wearing loose black long sleeves and partner it with leather type skinny pants, leopard shoes, and checkered long sleeves wrapped around the waist.

Preppy Style with Inner Checkered Tops


Get this preppy style for your OOTD by partnering the inner checkered tops with a dark blue cardigan, red skinny pants, and knee-high cut boots.

Lovely Checkered Long Sleeves for Cold Weather


Manage the style with this checkered long sleeves, quilted sleeveless coat, dark skinny jeans, and knee-level high-cut boots for a fashionable appearance.

Fashionable Grey and Red Checkered Tops


Love this luxury style outfit by pairing up your checkered long sleeves with a unique black stylish skirt for a casual look. Wear a polka dotted stockings, jewelry, shoulder bag, and shades to complete the look.

Retro Style Checkered Red Pants


Retro style is the new trend for this year fashionable apparels in checkered theme. Try to wear this collared polo tops with brown knitted long sleeves and paired with checkered pants and low-cut boots.

Casually Beautiful in Blue Checkered Sleeves


Show off your appeal and charisma with this stylish clothes consisting of checkered blue long sleeves, shirt, and ripped jeans. Partner the outfit with low-cut boots for your travel tours.

Celebrity Casual in Checkered Blue Sleeves


Try this celebrity boyish style and capture the eyes of many. The combination of the checkered long sleeves, leather black pants, and chunky heeled black shoes are perfect to wear for your travel.

Amazing Edgy Checkered Red Skirt


Get this voguish look by combining these apparels including a knitted gray long sleeves, black leather coat, checkered mini skirt, and black leggings to complete the entire look. Match it with black high heel shoes to complement the style.

Sexy Sleek Half Sleeve Blue Checkered Dress


Look hot, sweet, and pretty with this checkered curvaceous dress and capture the attention of all men. They will definitely fall for you as they see you wearing this gorgeous dress code.

Fashionable Green Checkered Dress


Wear something color coded on your travel tours and wear this checkered green dress with sleeves. It’s better to pair it with a hat and belt to look more fitted and nice.

Casual White Checkered Straight Cut Dress


Love this straight cut dress with a tartan pattern and wear it for your travel, dates, and hangouts. It will be more amazing if you pair it up with knee-high cut boots.

Bodycon Style Dark Checkered Dress


Try this smart casual look for your office style appearance. Just combine your collared long sleeves with a checkered dress to try this outfit and pair it up with doll shoes.

Cute Checkered Mini Skirt


Show off your rock fashionista style by wearing this hanging tops, plaid mini skirt, and polka dotted stockings. You will definitely look attractive with this style.

OOTD Casual Checkered Sleeves


A perfect OOTD for a stylish lady like you. Just partner your shirt with a tartan long sleeves, skinny leather black pants, and chunky heeled black shoes for an amazing style.

Buttons Off Casual Checkered Tops


You can wear this style in any casual travels and tours. It’s a simple combination of the plaid folded long sleeves and skinny jeans. Partner it with low-cut boots so you may comfortably walk and move.

Edgy and Hot Checkered High Waist Shorts


For a stylish lady like you, manage your plaid outfit fashion by wearing black inner tops, long length cardigan, high-waist plaid short, and knee-high black boots. This is an edgy and voguish look that you must try.

Artistic Style in Checkered Scarfs


Wear this artistic style of winter outfit by wearing your favorite long sleeves and pair it up with plaid scarfs and tight pants for an awesome style.

Loose Royal Blue Checkered Long Sleeves


If you’re thinking what to wear for your summer trips, you may try to pair your skinny jeans with loose dark blue long sleeves and knee-high boots for a stylish appearance in plaid outfit theme.

Plaid Style Straight Cut Dress


Some girls are having difficulty in choosing their civilian school outfit. To give you an idea, you may try this straight cut dress plaid outfit and pair it up with heeled brown leather type shoes. You will look young and cool with this outfit.

Beautifully Tailored Fitted Tartan Skirt


Fall in love with this beautifully tailored outfit for your school civilian attire. The look is so sophisticated, smart, and perfect. The combination of the white long sleeves, black ribbon, and high-waist checkered skirt works absolutely fantastic.

Amazing Blue Tartan Long Sleeves


Try this amazing blue outfit for your travel. The blend of the color and patterns complement as to each other with the pants, shoes, and accessories. A must try outfit for your vacation trips.

Plaid Outfit in Flared Pants


Try this unique look for an amazing style. Just pair up your long length coat with black inner tops and straight cut plaid flared pants for a stylish appearance.

Pleated Green Checkered Skirt


Roam around the city with your fabulous outfit and partner your favorite white shirt with flared pleated green skirt for a plaid style look.

Noble Style Brownish Long Sleeves


Wear something unique and European style outfit by pairing up your plaid long sleeves with knee-high level brown boots and skirt. This is the best outfit for casual looks with a touch of elegance.

Swag Tartan Long Sleeves


Express yourself with this swag outfit for a summer look appearance. Just partner your plaid long sleeves with a ripped denim shorts for a hot look and pair it up with amazing heeled shoes.

Checkered Long Sleeves for Inner Top


Do you want to wear something for your civilian attire? You may try this conservative style outfit with skinny flared edge jeans, checkered long sleeves, and knitted mesh style long sleeves to add some twist.

Fancy Casual Wear in Checkered Long Sleeves


Just be yourself and confidently wear something casual and upstyle. Pair up your blue blouse with skinny jeans and stiletto shoes for an amazing civilian look.

Fashionable Plaid Folded Long Sleeves


Want to go somewhere? Try this simple style with the plaid outfit as your main apparel and partner it with black leggings and knee-high boots.

Dress-like Casual Upper Garment


Throw a fashionista style that will make every girl jealous of your look. Just pair your plaid long sleeves with ripped jeans and knee-high boots to create a genuine style.

Smart Casual in Blue Long Sleeves


This outfit is suitable for civilian clothing for school especially for those entering in college. The brown jacket complements with the blue checkered long sleeves and the typical pants and shoes make the casual appearance amazing.

Red Checkered Long Sleeves for Skinny Types


An apparel becomes a true fashion when someone knows how to carry it. To make your casual style unique, you may try this long sleeves, pants, and gladiator shoes for a simple get up.

Noble Dark Tartan Coat


Some women love to wear smart casual look because it can make them look decent and smart. Try to consider this outfit on your list for an additional style. Just a combination of plaid jacket, knitted yellow tops, ripped jeans, and leopard shoes.

Buttons Open Long Checkered Tops for Petite


Show off your sexy appearance in this checkered and lovely outfit. Pair it up with pants to make it more casual and simple.

Fashionable Dark Green Inner Top


Have a preppy outfit today with the combination of plaid long sleeves for your inner outfit and partner it with a denim jacket, black leggings, maroon socks, and brown shoes to complete your look.

Smart Casual in Tartan Coat


Smart casual outfits will definitely make you look confident, smart, and edgy hence, you can have the perfect fit of the apparel that you desire. Try this amazing outfit and grab it to your closet.

Red Checkered and Gray Combination


Define your outfit for the day and try a semi-rock casual look by pairing up the red checkered long sleeves with gray inner top, black skinny jeans, and low-cut black boots.

Winter wear Red Checkered Sleeves


Keep your look great with the combinations of the quilted sleeveless coat, skinny jeans, and of course, the checkered long sleeves for the inner top. It’s a great outfit to try for your traveling and gigs.

Smart Casual Style in Inner Top Checkered


Try this smart casual outfit in the plaid inner top and pair it up with the red semi-corporate coat, jeans, and low-cut brown boots. It’s a decent and smart get up to wear for your casual travel tours.

Beautiful Winter Wear Sleeveless Coat


Face the winter season with fashionable surprise by wearing this amazing striped long sleeves, jeans, and quilted checkered sleeveless coat. Accessorize the style even more by wearing a bonnet and polka dotted gloves.

Fashionable Tartan Loose Dress


Try this semi-rock look in a checkered dress and pair it up with gladiator heeled shoes to achieve a voluptuous and slinky look for a hot getup style.

Office Style Plaid Coat and Pants


Do you want to improve your office look? You may try this uniform to look confidently smart and decent for an office look attire.

Lovely Checkered Fitted Skirt


Achieve a semi-rock look in this get up by pairing up your checkered skirt with a sleeveless dark top and make it more interesting when you wear knee-high boots.

Street Style Tartan White Tops


Try this simple look for a casual appearance in tartan designed long sleeves and skinny jeans. It’s nice to wear for summer occasions especially when traveling.

Fashionable Red Checkered Cardigan


Be entirely amazing with your get up and show a mixture of beauty and decency in this outfit. Try to pair your plaid long sleeves outfit with white buttoned style tops, skinny jeans, and low-cut boots for an awesome you.

Loose Tartan Coat for Winter


Keep your winter weather look a cool and awesome one by wearing this black fitted dress and checkered thick coat. You may also reduce the coldness by wearing a fashionable black thick scarf, gloves, knee-high socks, and Dr. Martens style shoes.

Amazing Red Wool Fabric Coat


Consider this decent look for the cozy weather by pairing up your simple striped collared polo with amazing symmetrical checkered design coat. In addition, pair it with skinny jeans to make it look more casual yet pretty appearance.

Royal Red Oversized Jacket


Have this star-studded style of winter wear look for a considerable outfit and it will not only provide you the warmth and comfort but also make you upstyle and elegant to look at. Just pair any of your inner tops and pants with this amazing thick checkered long length coat.

Beautifully Tailored Checkered Scarf

Concord, NC - Oct 14, 2015: The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams take to the track for the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC.

A fashionista girl like you deserves to have this awesome dress code. Just pair up you light blue denim dress with fashionable checkered scarf and low-cut boots to look beautiful and nice.

Vintage Style Tartan Fitted Skirt


Try this hot and rock get up for your fashionable outfit and let the crowd witness your aspiring beauty and stylish appearance. Pair your sexy inner black tops with a standard size black leather coat and pair it up with a long length pencil cut checkered skirt. Complete the rock style by wearing low-cut black boots.

Civilian Checkered Long Sleeves in Red


A simple civilian outfit could be a fashionable one if you pair your shirt with an amazing checkered cardigan, pants, and peep-toe heeled sandals.

Chromatic Tartan Long Sleeves


Create a beautiful posture of yours with this amazing outfit in a checkered inner top and quilted black sleeveless coat. You can also pair this up with skinny jeans and brown boots for a cozy season.

Dark Plaid Outfit for the Day


This outfit will definitely become one of your favorites. The contour of the dark checkered long sleeves and leather skirt perfectly complement as to each other. It will also be nice if you tuck-in the long sleeves in the skirt and wear stockings to preserve the conservative style.

Funky and Cool Style in Blue Tartan Scarf


Be in love with this boyish look and partner the black with blue colors. Wear a black inner top, black leather jacket, and skinny pants. In addition, wear a checkered blue scarf and Nike blue shoes to complement with the overall look.

Just Fashionably Pretty in Blue


Keep your style pretty yet simple in this checkered blue long sleeves and skinny jeans. It’s a nice civilian outfit to try especially when traveling, going to school, or hanging out with friends.

Petite Style in Red and Blue Checkered


Bring a vivid look to your overall outfit by wearing this dark checkered tops and partner it with your white pants and shoes. It’s simple casual look for you to try when you’re traveling and visiting some friends.

Amazing Long Sleeves as Inner Tops


Some girls prefer to have a decent look even if they’re just wearing civilian apparels. You can actually achieve this style by wearing this wool style coat, checkered long sleeves for the inner tops, and fashionably ripped jeans for the pants.

Burlap Fabric Unique Fitted Skirt


An exquisite combination of sexy V-neck sleeveless black tops with a sophisticated style fitted high waist skirt, this look can be worn for semi-formal gatherings because of the edgy and elegant appearance of the style. It is also the best match with crisscross design heeled shoes.

Oversized Winter Wear Red Coat


Have a fun and retro style winter wear and try this awesome plaid outfit that comprises of a long oversized coat, red inner tops, and black slacks. Make it more unique and interesting by pairing it up with winter type boots.

Fashionable Oversized Blue Apparel


Break out of your shell and wear something distinguishing in your character. Why not consider this boyish yet sexy look? Partner your royal blue checkered long sleeves with ripped jeans, Panama hat, and gladiator pointed heeled shoes.

Casual Dark Colored Tartan Long Sleeves


Consider this simple yet amazing casual outfit and partner your skinny jeans with a dark plaid sleeves to come up with a fashionable look. A pair of slip on shoes might be enough to style your appearance.

Awesome Blue Colored Scarf


Accentuate your fashionable outfit with a checkered scarf and walk along the street with confidence and stylish view. This is a great fashion for a casual wear.

Loose Bulky Red Checkered Coat


Give an edgy and fashionable look by trying this amazing thick oversized checkered coat and style it with a bonnet to complement with the overall appearance.

Very Loose yet Cozy Outfit


Create a wacky and desirable look with this loose checkered outfit and it is greatly amazing with a pair of white rubber shoes and skinny jeans.

Taylor Swift’s Inspired Noble High-Waist Shorts

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 26: Taylor Swift is seen in New York City on May 26, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Ignat/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Get a star-studded appearance and draw inspirations from Taylor Swift’s closet. Manage an elegant and casual style by trying this black tops, checkered high waist shorts, and almond toe sky blue shoes.

Bodycon Red Dress in Long Sleeves


Try a different nerdy look for a new sense of style. Wear a dark red plaid fitted dress with sleeves and accessorize it with stylish eyeglasses and stockings for an ironic sexy look.

Simply Cute in Long Sleeves Dark Dress


This cute Korean style outfit will definitely bring out your fashionable look and pair it up with converse style shoes. This is a must-try style for your outfit of the day!

Semi-Rock in Checkered Black and White Dress


Show off the rock style inside you and wear something fabulous like a plaid skater dress and partner it with a black leather coat to have a more refining look and style.

Retro and Sassy Style in Checkered Gray


Try this retro dress but modernized with these remarkable accessories such s Panama black hat and black leather shoes to emphasize a doll-like fashionable figure.

Burlap Style Fabric in Mini Dress


Accentuate your casual style with this Burlap fashionable checkered straight cut dress to keep up with a contemporary civilian outfit. It can be worn for traveling or while hanging out with friends.

Sexy Long Dress in Checkered Red


Walk down the streets with a model stance by wearing this V-neck and sleeveless checkered dress. It is best to partner it with black leather shoes to get along with the style.

Simply Pretty in Casual Red Fitted Skirt


Are you going to school? You should try this unique semi-corporate attire with a touch of modern apparel. It is smart to wear and brings confidence to the wearer. The long sleeve denim and black leather clothing perfectly fit with the checkered straight cut skirt.

Minimalist Style in Beautiful Scarf


Try to wear an edgy style this type by wearing a burlap fabric checkered oversized scarf and partner it to your black skater dress. Accessorize it more with a sunglasses, hat, and watch to make it more sleek and fashionable.

Cute and Sassy Long Sleeve Dress


Have a different apparel on your closet but of course, make it a stylish choice. You may wear this contour skater dress and emphasize your figure with this outfit.

School Style Mini Skirt


Do you want to have some ideas on what to wear in school? You should try this preppy style outfit and experiment on it such as partnering your checkered pleated skirt to the gray long sleeves and black stockings.

Red Tartan Skirt for the Cold Weather


Create an artistic style on your own and you may consider this outfit. Combine your oversized wool coat with your silk collared blouse, high-waist checkered skirt, and black stockings.

Dark Green Jumper Skirt for Semi-Goth


Get a sexier look in this semi-gothic style outfit. The long sleeve hanging tops looks pretty amazing with the jumper skirt. A nice outfit to try and add to your closet collections!

Simple Smart Casual Look in Dress and Coat


Be inspired by the retro look for your smart casual attire. The oversized coat really complements with the brown collared checkered dress. Accessorize it more with black stockings, bag, and black shoes to make it look conservative and semi-formal.

School Girl Style Mini Skirt


Have a younger look by wearing this teenage style outfit. Just pair your dark green plaid mini skirt with white long sleeves and boots to achieve this look.

Taylor Swift’s Mini Red Skirt Style


Imitate Taylor Swift’s style and add her sense of fashion to your apparel collection. Partner your Aztec mesh long sleeves and black blouse with a vivid red checkered mini skirt then add stripe leggings to add more twist.

Vintage Outfit in Flared Blue Skirt


Make the vintage outfit and style popular even in this modern fashion and try to pair it up with peach collared long sleeves with a long checkered blue skirt.

Amazing Checkered Long Skirt


Do you have a casual date with your boyfriend? You should consider this amazing style by pairing your turtle neck black blouse with a checkered long high waist skirt. Make it more fashionable by wearing black stylish shoes.

Asian Style Mini Dark Flared Skirt


Keep your style on-the-go with this amazing Korean look by wearing a flared white long sleeves and partner it with a school type plaid skirt. Feel young and fab with this outfit and match it with white shoes and backpack to make it more look teeny and sassy.

Girlie and Young Style in Dark Green Dress


For sure many girls would love this dark checkered skater dress because of its charismatic and funky aura. In addition, it’s a great simple dress for a casual outfit.

Vivid Hue in Checkered Flared Skirt


Do you want to experiment with your cowboy style? You can actually put a cute twist by wearing a striped dress and partner it with a denim sleeveless jacket. Moreover, you can make it more unique with dark green high boots and white mittens.

Sexy White Mini Flouncy Skirt


The boys will definitely look you from head to toe with this sexy and sassy outfit. Just get the fit black long sleeves from your drawer and match it up with your mini plaid skirt for an awesome look. Don’t forget to wear stiletto low type boots for a daring look.

Decent Dark Checkered Sunday Dress


Are you going for a travel this vacation? If you don’t mind, you can actually try to consider this long sleeves plaid skater dress to your outfit of the day!

Hip Hop Style Flouncy Skirt


Get this stylish look by just trying this combination of a denim jacket, black hanging tops, flouncy dark plaid skirt, and black see-through leggings to imitate this hip hop fashion.

Semi-Gothic in Hot Red Dress


Surprise your friends with this remarkable teenage style by adopting semi-gothic apparels and funky appearance. In addition, this plaid skater dress makes the wearer cool, sexy, and simply amazing.

Fashionable Checkered Mini Skirt by Taylor


Whether you’re a Taylor Swift’s fan or not, you can actually try her fashion secrets by wearing a combination of black and elegant checkered bottoms. Match it with a maroon bag and yellow slip-ons to make it stand out more.

Chinese Style Checkered Uniform


Many girls love to wear a dress that will look them like a doll. You can actually try this cute and sassy look by combining the long sleeve checkered tops with high waist checkered skirt.

Cute and Sassy High Waist Checkered Skirt


Have a sweet and lovely look for this summer by trying out this amazing style that comes with white hanging tops and blue checkered skirt.

Semi-Rock Style in Red Flared Skirt


Some stylish girls prefer to have conservative look along with their travel. Grab your leather jacket and partner it with red plaid flared skirt for a conservative yet awesome look. Make it more fabulous with low-cut chunky-heeled boots.

Conservative Fashion in Checkered Prints

Shanghai Fashion Week street style.

Nowadays, many women know how to combine conservative dresses with cool apparels to show a unique style. In this image, it depicts that the neutral colored jacket can be partnered with this straight cut dark plaid dress.

Casual Outfit in Denim Inner Top and Dress


Do you want to experience a cowboy style look? You can try this plaid outfit and partner it with an inner denim jacket. This is a nice look to boost your casual fashion!

Smart Casual Attire for Office Suit


Show off your semi-office look in this fashionable and unique trend of apparels. Just match your corporate coat with plaid long sleeves and fur fabric pants for a stylish look.

Edgy Checkered Long Sleeves for Casual


Do you want to achieve a tomboy style? You can dress up in this way by choosing the best combinations of blue wide checkered long sleeves, white skinny pants, and blue slip-on shoes.