How to Insert a Tampon – Complete Guidebook

Not every girl has someone to consult & approach when she first gets their periods. There are parents who do not feel comfortable talking on such subjects with their children, so girls might find some other way to get more information. For any girl who is looking on the web for similar information, we are here to help you- so when you get your first period, pick any of the following options- you could use a sanitary pad/napkin, Tampons or menstrual cup. Girls often feel using a tampon is extremely tricky; however once you understand how to insert a tampon you will see that it’s a much cleaner option.

For all young girls, we have an advice- Do not let periods interrupt your daily life! You should all learn how to use tampons so that your periods never slow down life. For all those who are not aware of what a tampon is- it is similar to a sanitary pad/napkin and is used during a period to absorb the menstrual flow. A tampon is usually made out of soft cotton that is pressed together & then given a cylindrical shape (for easy insertion into your vaginal opening). You can buy a box of tampons at any supermarket or convenience store. A tampon offers protection against leakage, is comfortable & easy to use once you learn how to insert the tampon. Furthermore, a tampon guarantees a leak-free period while providing you great & invisible protection as it absorbs fluid inside the body & no one can know that you are having periods. Tampons are available in various sizes & absorbencies, depending upon your flow.

Message for the First Time User

If this is the first time you are using a tampon, please remember that you must relax while attempting to insert the tampon. In case you aren’t relaxed & you’re feeling nervous, the muscles in your body surrounding the vagina will automatically tense up. This makes it difficult to insert the tampon into your vagina, plus it will be painful.

Another thing to remember is that it’s possible that you might not be able to properly insert a tampon for the first time. Therefore, stay calm, keep trying till you succeed in inserting the tampon without hurting yourself or worrying too much!

Our suggestion would be to use the ‘ultra slim tampon or even a small-sized tampon for the first time trial. Keep in mind that the best time to try using your first tampon is when you have a moderate flow of blood.

I have learned this from personal experience, one should never use a generic brand, instead I advise you to shell out more money and purchase a well-known brand such as ‘Tampax’.

Guide on How to Insert a Tampon

Step #1

For all those girls who use tampons or will be using a tampon for the very first time- the basic step is to ALWAYS wash your hands before inserting a tampon in your vagina. Washing your hands ensures that no bacteria or infection is mistakenly transferred to your vaginal area. You will be having your monthly period, so ensure that the region around the vaginal opening is clean so that you are able to clearly see what you’re doing. For the first timers, having a small-sized mirror always helps because you then know what you’re aiming at.

Step #2

Take one tampon out of the box and unwrap it.

Step #3

You need to then squat and sit on the toilet (you could even keep standing). Relax and spread your legs, make sure you’re in a position that feels comfortable. If you choose to stand, it is best if you place one foot on the seat of the toilet, keep standing & squat slightly.

Step #4

You need to now understand how to hold a tampon in the correct way. There are certain brands which make things easier by having a spot for ‘Auto-slip grip’ on the applicators. Use your thumb & forefinger to hold on that spot. Another way to hold the tampon is like you hold a syringe. You must ensure that your fingers are gripping towards the last part of the applicator’s outer shell (i.e. the side which is closest to where the string sticks out).

Step #5

Now you need to angle this applicator inside your vagina. You need to be completely relaxed at this stage as this is where you get ready to properly insert the tampon in your opening. Remember to hold the tampon at the end where the string’s hanging out and insert the other end of the tampon inside your vagina. Push very slightly the applicator’s tip into the vagina opening. The angle should be about 45O, make sure it isn’t straight up, instead somewhat up & back.

Step #6

To push the applicator, carefully slip in the tube. Stop the moment your finger touches the opening.

Step #7

Once you feel the opening, gently start pushing the tampon into your vagina. Use your thumb (you can also use the other hand) to push the inner, smaller tube downwards towards your body. Gently slide it inside completely till it comfortably fits inside the external tube & till you can’t push it any further.

Step #8

Begin to tenderly remove both- the inner as well as the outer tube from your vagina. This MUST be done very slowly. The tampon will be left behind inside your vagina & the tampon’s string will hang out of your vaginal opening. If you are feeling uncomfortable or if you are in pain, then you have NOT inserted the tampon properly. A tampon hurting means that you haven’t pushed the tampon up far enough. Use your fingers to either push the tampon further or hold the string hanging out & pull the tampon out. Now re-try using a fresh tampon!

Step #9

You should never wear a tampon for more than four to six hours. To remove a tampon, get into a comfortable position- squat and spread your legs. Relax yourself & pull the tampon out slowly by grabbing the string.

Step #10

To dispose the tampon, remember never to flush it down the toilet! You should always wrap the used tampon either in a paper or toilet paper & then throw it in the bin.

Remember to keep yourself relaxed while inserting as well as removing the tampon. Hurrying up will only hurt you, so start carefully, go slow and keep trying till you get it right!