Is There Really a Difference Between Male and Female Investors?

Throughout the existence of time there has been an age old battle over which gender is more reliable when it comes to finances. However, as time goes on, we are really not one step closer to finding an accurate answer! With many stereotypes to decipher and even more variables to consider, (regarding each gender individually,) who is to say that one gender may be more trusted with investing over the other? This is the ultimate question that we are happy to help you answer! Let’s start from square one, shall we? First and foremost, to answer this question accurately, we must first start by saying, it is imperative to look at the overall picture, not just the variables being considered. While it is (usually) agreed by both genders that women tend to be a bit more emotional when making decisions, when it comes to finances, women are also usually the bargain shoppers. However, men on the other hand are usually considered to be more business savvy but in all reality, men are more willing to pay more for convenience than they are for a good deal! Let’s make some detailed comparisons, shall we?

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Pros and Cons of Women in the Investment World

Advantages, Pros and Facts

Disadvantages, Cons and Opinions

Women are more willing to cultivate investments in order to achieve a high and consistent profit margin, despite the time it will take for the return on investment. It is due to their ability to be nurturing. Being the more emotionally driven gender, women do have the tendency to over-react when it comes to investment related stress. This may not cause havoc all of the time but can very well be the reason an investment goes wrong.
Since women are more bargain driven then men, they are able to save approximately 10% more of their income then men each year, which may add up to thousands when it comes to a good investment. Women have a more difficult time being accepted by society as business oriented, thus making it complicated at times to be taken seriously on an investment platform.
Women are more likely to follow through with investments than men. As commonly seen in the stock market, women showcase more “loyalty” to stocks then men, abandoning an average of 10% less stocks than men do. In certain cases, it can be difficult for a women to juggle an investment with their personal life.
Women are more resourceful than men, researching various methods and tools that add both value and benefit to investment.
Women are more personable. When it comes to investments of any kind, they have a stronger ability to cultivate relationships and networking skills that can enhance their success and investments.
Women are better multi-taskers.


Pros and Cons of Men in the Investment World

Advantages, Pros and Facts

Disadvantages, Cons and Opinions

Since men have been considered, in most cases, to be the head of household for centuries, they are more likely to possess leadership qualities that are vital in business, thus in investing as well. Based on this stereotype, great investment opportunities are more likely to be brought to a man’s attention than a woman. In short, more men have business related conversations with each other than women.  Most men have no patience, plain and simple, when it comes to seeing the bigger picture in business. They are more likely to invest in business opportunities that present a fast return on investment rather than those that require cultivation and waiting periods to see a profit – despite how large that profit may be. 


Since the majority of women established their credit later on in life or not at all since most of their finances (mortgage, cars and credit cards) are in their husband’s name, it is much harder to obtain business credit to begin new investment ventures. Statistics show that (having nothing to do with equal opportunity lending) men are more likely to fit the credit requirements than women are. 


While men are good at many things, admitting when they are wrong is just as unlikely as them stopping to ask for directions! Many men would rather lose a little bit of money than to pull out of an investment deal and admit that they made a bad choice! 


It is no secret that in most cases, that men are able to handle stress better  than women. Investing can be quite stressful, especially during the early stages which requires an individual to have a steady hand on multi-tasking and stress management. Panic is never a good idea with investments. 


While the stereotype depicts that woman only hear what they want to hear, when it comes to business, men are more likely to miss vital facts of the investment due to the excitement over the potential profit that is laid on the table. 


Men are known to allow more third parties involved in their business ventures. Whether it is attorney’s looking over investment documents, secretaries signing off on pertinent documents or a latter of the two. In short, men are more likely not to remember various details since they did not look it over themselves. 


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