Keeping Entertained on that Vacay – Ways for Couples to Beat the Boredom

Going on holiday with your partner can be an amazing experience, and can actually bring the two of you closer together. However, there are going to be times when you don’t have anything to talk about or you simply want to enjoy some respite from each other’s company. In these situations, it’s important to have a plan of action in place to deal with instances of boredom. Luckily, nowadays there are plenty of ways to keep entertained by using a smartphone.

Play Some Games

One of the best ways to pass the time while traveling is to play games. Before you go, it is a great idea to load up your device with as many titles as possible. This way, you can switch between games easily when you get bored. There are some offerings that you can play alongside your partner, such as Glow Hockey 2. This is like having a real air hockey table on your mobile device, and can be a great way to bond. Another option is Heads Up, which is just like the classic party guessing game. There will be times when you want to play on your own as well, though. For an individual gaming experience, casino offerings such as Immortal Romance and Starburst found at Genesis Casino can be thrilling.

If you want to save some battery life or just get away from the screen for a bit, you always have the option to go old school with your game choices. Some travel scrabble could stir up some great feelings of nostalgia, and will also give you and your partner something to talk about while you play. And let’s face it, it’s always nice when you manage to win against your loved one as well.

Watch an Engaging Series

The great thing about Netflix is the fact that you can download episodes to your phone or tablet and watch them when you’re offline. So if you don’t fancy any of the choices on the plane, or you’re in a spot without Wi-Fi, you always have a backup. Stranger Things is a great series for couples. The retro series has appealed to a wide range of people regardless of age or gender. And with a new season about to drop, it’s the perfect time to binge all the other episodes to date. Some other exciting options on the streaming service include the historical epic, Vikings, and the political drama, House of Cards. You could watch these on your own, or together with your partner.

There are some pretty cool gadgets on the market now which allow couples to share a mobile screen and watch something together. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are considered to be some of the best wearables on the market right now. If you and your partner each have a set, you can pair them to the same device and watch Netflix together from there. It’s a perfect excuse to snuggle up to your loved one.

Learn Something New

You could choose to completely zone out from your travel companion for a while and focus on bettering yourself in the process. Thankfully, the internet is an absolutely endless source of knowledge, and you could choose to learn about anything. There are even dedicated sites that feature courses from professional lecturers and professors, with varied topics to choose from. Sites like Masterclass feature videos from experts in various industries as well. These include courses on fine dining, card playing, and fiction writing. All of these things can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, so you can take them on the move and improve your knowledge while you travel.

It can be really enriching to start learning the language of the country you are travelling to as well, and would almost certainly help you make a good impression with the locals. The Lonely Planet usually has some commonly used words inside, but you can supplement this by buying some pocket travel dictionaries as well.

These are all great ways to pass the time while traveling, and help to make sure you don’t get bored of your partner’s company. Some other options to try are writing your own fiction stories, or even drawing pictures of things you see while on the move. A lot of travelers will attest to the fact that keeping your brain active can help keep spirits high and remedy the boredom of travel.