Kennya Baldwin: Net Worth, Biography – An Actress, A Wife, and A Mother

You may not be familiar with Kennya Deodato, but you will surely recognize her surname now, Baldwin. Yes, Kennya Deodato Baldwin, the wife of the famous actor, Stephen Baldwin. The mother of two supermodels, Hailey and Alaia. Nevertheless, the daughter of the famous Bosa Nova artist, Eumir Deodato. Amidst the famous personalities who surround her, she wants to keep away from the eyes of the media. She is a supportive wife, an amazing mom, and a loving daughter. Let us take a quick look into the life, Kennya Baldwin.

Full Name Kennya Deodato Baldwin
Birthday August 2, 1968
Birthplace Brazil
Age 51
Father Eumir Deodato
Mother Mary Ellen Deodato
Spouse Stephen Baldwin
Children Hailey Rhode Baldwin
Alaia Baldwin
Career / Profession Graphic designer
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)
Weight 60 kilograms
Net Worth Estimated $300,000


Kennya Baldwin
Kennya Baldwin

Kennya Baldwin, known as Kenya Deodato was born in Brazil on August 2, 1968. She is the only daughter of Mary Ellen and Eumir Deodato. Her father is the legendary Bosa Nova artist, who won a Grammy Award in 1974 for the Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

Now, Kennya is mostly known for his husband, Stephen Baldwin. Her husband is a Hollywood actor, well, not just him, her in-laws too. However, Kennya is more comfortable under the limelight. She does not want to have the media’s attention. But, she still supports his husband in his career. 

Kennya and Stephen Baldwin have two daughters, Alaia and Hailey.

Early Years of Kennya Baldwin

There is not much information about the childhood of Kennya. Some of you may not know that her father divorced her mother in the early 2000s.

Kennya enrolled in York Preparatory School in New York, then later went to Parsons School of Design where she took a degree in graphic designing. She started her career as a graphic designer, and until this date, she loves her career.

Kennya Baldwin's Family
Kennya Baldwin’s Family

Family Life of Kennya Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin

Kennya met Stephen at a subway in New York in 1987. It was love at first sight for both of them. After they dated for three years, they finally tied the knot in 1990. They are now married for 29 years, and they still love like they found each other yesterday.

They had two beautiful daughters, Alaia Baldwin, and Hailey Rhode Baldwin. When they were young, they enrolled them to homeschool, as they need to travel constantly for Stephen’s job commitments. Now, both of their daughters are supermodels. In September 2017, their first daughter married to Andrew Aronow in New York. Two years after, Hailey Rhode married Justin Beiber.

Kennya Baldwin and Her Daughters: Alaia and Haley Rhode

Alaia Baldwin and Andrew Aronow
Alaia Baldwin and Andrew Aronow

Her daughters are evidence of Stephen and Kennya’s love. Their firstborn was Alaia, and she came into this world on January 23, 1993, in New York. Alaia is a fashion enthusiast and a supermodel, she is now signed with VNY Models in the United States and The Squad in Great Britain. She has a long list of modeling experience, she even models for high-profile brands. In 2017, their firstborn married to his long-term boyfriend, Andrew Aronow.

Kennya Baldwin's Daughter, Hailey Rhode and Son-in-Law, Justin Bieber
Kennya Baldwin’s Daughter, Hailey Rhode and Son-in-Law, Justin Bieber

Her younger daughter, Hailey Rhode, Kennya gave birth on November 22, 1996, in Tucson, Arizona. She is also a supermodel. Her first contract in modeling was with Ford Models. Given her beauty and talent, she secured a place in modeling gigs. He even made a catwalk debut for Topshop last 2014. Just like her sister, she also models for high-profile brands. She is an exquisite star as she is featured in reputable magazines like Italian Vogue and Glamour. Hailey at the age of 22 married Justin Bieber.

Kennya’s Net Worth and Income

Kennya is a graphic designer, yet famously known to be Stephen Baldwin’s wife, a Hollywood actor. She earns for a living too like her husband. She claims that her net worth is estimated at $300,000.

Undoubtedly, her husband has more than a million for his net worth. But, let’s skip that part and focus more on Kennya.

Controversies of Kennya Baldwin

According to the reports of Dailymail in 2013, Stephen has stopped returning his mortgage since 2011. He holds a loan approximately $800,000. Thus, the bank accused him of not paying the loan he had in 2000 to purchase a 3,071 square-foot mansion. The run-ins with the law for failing to pay the mortgage and tax caught up Kennya too as she is his wife.

Thus, they both filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in 2009. It is the reason why they lost their home in Upper Grandview, New York, and Nyack to foreclosure. By then, they moved into Alec Baldwin’s house, Stephen’s brother.

Kennya and Stephen Baldwin
Kennya and Stephen Baldwin

Kennya and Stephen Baldwin Regained their Faith

Through all the obstacles they faced together as husband and wife, Kennya took the responsibility to bring make her husband return to faith. She was a devout Christian, yet lapsed when she was a young adult and moved into America. Meanwhile, Stephen suffered from drug abuse when he was young. The spur of this event started when Alaia was a newborn.

The couple appointed a Portuguese nanny for their child. She sang religious songs to the baby. Kennya got inspired, the nanny became an instrument in bringing them back to faith. She went to a Brazilian Evangelical Church in New York to renew her religious faith which convinced Stephen as well. Now, they are both born again Christians.

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Physical Aspect of Kennya: How does she look?

Kennya looks fine with whatever she wears. She has a slim fit body shape and enough height. She stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 60 kilograms. She has a white skin complexion, beautiful hazel eyes, and blonde hair. I guess, aside from her personality and upbringing in life, this is what made Stephen madly in love with her.

Facts About Kennya Baldwin that You Have to Know

Kennya declined a date with Leonardo Di Caprio.

We all know that Leonardo Di Caprio is one dreamy guy who we all want to date, but not Kennya Baldwin. There is a funny backstory about this date. Leo saw Kennya in a bar in London, he approached her and asked if she wants to go out with him. She politely declined to say she needs to ask permission from her husband.

Kennya had fallen in love with Stephen in a subway.

During her early years, Kennya had a job in New York. In 1987, it was a normal day for her in the subway when she saw Stephen for the first time. She did not know she saw her future husband. Kennya and Stephen dated for 3 years before they tied the knot in 1990. After their legal and financial troubles that their marriage went through, they are still together.

She is a mother and a wife of famous stars.

Kennya does not want the life of a star. She always wants to be under the limelight. However, she is surrounded by stars. Her husband is a famous writer and actor. Furthermore, her two daughters have followed the footsteps of their father. Alaia is a budding model, while Hailey is a supermodel.

Kennya is a Christian.

When she was little, her loving parents raised her as a good Christian. However, she left her faith when she moved to America. She regained her faith through the nanny who took care of their child. The nanny talked about faith and religion to their daughter. That was the start of going back to church. She went to a Brazilian church and regained her faith. Moreover, restoring her faith was a big help for Stephen who was suffering from drug addiction.

Her father was the legendary Bosa Nova, Eumir Deodato.

She is the only child of the legendary Bosa Nova artist, who is also considered as the Brazilian legend. In the past, Eumir worked with KD Lang, Bjork, and their team. He combined samba music and jazz, his Brazilian music helped him win a Grammy Award.

Common Questions Related to Kennya Baldwin

As surrounded by famous stars, it is common for fans to question some aspect with their lives. But, some frequently asked questions are not about Kennya, yet the questions are still related to her.

Who are the Baldwin brothers?

Stephen Baldwin has 5 siblings, two sisters and three brothers. His brothers are Alec, Daniel, and William “Billy”. They all took the same career.

Where is Kennya Baldwin from?

Kennya Baldwin has an American nationality, yet she was born in a town in Brazil. She is a Brazilian with white ethnicity.

Is Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Alec Baldwin?

No, Alec Baldwin is Stephen Baldwin’s brother. Hailey is Alec’s niece. Alec’s daughter has a daughter, Ireland Baldwin, with Kim Basinger.

Who is Hailey Baldwin married to?

Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Stephen and Kenya Baldwin, tied the knot at the age of 22 with Justin Bieber last 2018. Previous reports state that Baldwin and Biber did not want a long engagement.

Does Kennya Baldwin have a social media account?

Yes, she has. As per the request of her daughters, she made a Twitter account with the handle @Kennya_Baldwin. However, the account is inactive since 2015. If you want some updates of her life, you can see her in her daughters’ social media accounts.