Man Candy Monday: Jensen Ackles

Man Candy Monday: Jensen Ackles

Who is Jensen Ackles? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Jensen Ross Ackles
  • Nicknames: Jay, Jackles
  • Height: 6’1″
  • Age: 33
  • Born: March 1, 1978 in Dallas, Texas
  • Profession: Actor, Model, Director
  • Status: Married to actress Danneel Harris
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

1996: Wishbone (Michael Duss) – television series, episode Viva Wishbone!

1996: Sweet Valley High (Brad) – television series, episode All Along the Water Tower

1996: Mr. Rhodes (Malcolm) – television series, 7 total episodes

1997: Cybill (David) – television series, episode The Wedding

1997-2000, 2002: Days of Our Live (Eric Brady) – television series

2001-2002: Dark Angel (Ben/X5-493 and Alec/X5-494) – television series, 22 episodes

2001: Blonde (Eddie G) – made for TV movie

2002-2003: Dawson’s Creek (CJ) – television series, 12 episodes

2003-2004: Still Life (Max) – television series, 6 episodes

2004: The Plight of Clowana (Jensen) short film

2004-2005: Smallville (Jason Teague) television series, 22 episodes

2005: Devour (Jake Gray) feature film *straight to DVD*

2005-2011 (continuing): Supernatural (Dean Winchester) television series

2007: Ten Inch Hero (Priestly) feature film

2009: My Bloody Valentine 3D (Tom Hanniger) feature film

2010: Batman: Under the Red Hood (Red Hood/Jason Todd) animated feature film *straight to DVD*

2010: Tron: Evolution (Gibson) video game

2011: The 3rd Birthday (Kyle Madigan) video game

The delicious Jensen Ackles.

Jensen Ackles was very nearly Justin Ackles. His parents decided that the name Justin was ‘too common’ and wanted his moniker to be a little more unique and thus named him Jensen. Jensen began his career in the spotlight at the ripe old age of four as a model, but gave the showbiz life up for several years, presumably to focus on school and playing with toy cars, before returning to modeling at age ten. From there, he began acting and built a rather solid career for himself. Just taking a quick glance at his list of film credits you’ll see a fairly diverse resume, showing Jensen knows how to pick the right roles to ensure a long and lasting career.

Jenson's gorgeous stare.

I will admit, I really didn’t know much about Jensen Ackles until preparing this profile. I used to watch him on Days of Our Lives as Eric Brady but didn’t make the connection between that character and this guy that all of the girls are suddenly swooning over. Because I’m not really familiar with Jensen, I was pretty nervous when the requests started coming in to profile him. I had nothing to be nervous about. As it turns out I’ve been a pretty big fan of Jensen’s work for a while. I just didn’t know it.

Jensen plays each role beautifully.

As Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives, Jensen was one of the few actors on the show that could, you know, actually act. When his mother, Marlena, (played by Deirdre Hall) was possessed by the devil, the show really started to lose me, but Jensen kept me coming back for more. When Jensen left the show, so did I. I was also a big fan of his performances on Dawson’s Creek, Dark Angel, and pretty much all of the other television work he did before and after Smallville which, for one reason or another, I just never got into. The same can be said for Supernatural. I think I’m going to change that.

The more casual side of Jensen Ackles.

Jensen’s role as demon-slaying Dean Winchester on CW’s Supernatural is the role that really has him in the spotlight now, winning him awards and the hearts of women everywhere, but for me, it was his role in My Bloody Valentine 3D that really stands out in my memory. First, I’m not a big horror movie fan, but I actually sort of liked this one. What I liked even more about it was Jensen’s performance. It was a standout and is really what made the movie memorable. With that said, clearly I’m missing something special with Supernatural – a travesty I plan to remedy as soon as possible.

Jensen's warm, honest smile.

While doing my research to put this little profile together, I discovered something I didn’t expect. I really like Jensen. I like him a lot. He has personality. He’s a Texan through and through, stating he prefers wearing a nice pair of jeans that work with boots. He loves Gummies. He loves his friends. He loves his wife. He plays guitar and sings. He was a warm, genuine, from the heart smile and that is, perhaps, what I find most appealing about him. Jensen could, very easily be my dream man and I say that for the Gummies alone. Those little buggers are delicious. Speaking of delicious; here are some pictures of Jensen in true Man Candy Monday fashion – gorgeous, often shirtless and sexy. Click on the picture to see the bigger version and make sure you scroll to the end to vote for next week’s Man Candy!


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