Eyelash Extensions: Benefits and Benefits!

Any woman dreams about long and thick eyelashes but not everyone naturally has it. Therefore, many people extend eyelashes in beauty salons. However, there are quite a lot of myths around this procedure, so today we will dispel the most popular among them.

  1. The Extension Procedure Weakens Natural Eyelashes

In reality, this is far from the case. Eyelashes, as well as hair, fall out according to the natural characteristics of the organism. This process is independent and is not influenced by the extension procedure. After the extension, a woman gets used to her reflection in the mirror very fast. When the lashes begin to fall out, it seems that natural lashes have become weak and fragile. In fact, they were such from the very beginning, which is why women make extensions forgetting about the initial state of their own lashes.

  1. The Ciliary Row Is Damaged During the Extension or Removal of Eyelashes

This is not entirely true. The cilia row can change but only by the fault of the master or the cheap materials used during the process. If the lash maker is unprofessional, uses the wrong materials or bypasses the preliminary stage of the procedure in which the lash structure and features are carefully studied, then it can cause significant harm. In order to avoid it, we recommend choosing only reliable mink eyelash extensions from well-known manufacturers.

  1. Eyelash Extension Remains In Good Condition For a Short Time

The master’s level plays an important role in how long the eyelashes are worn. The artificial lashes are used for 15–20 days, which cannot be compared with using mascara on a daily basis. If the procedure was made by a certified master with good materials, then the effect can last up to one-two months.

  1. The Fixing Glue Causes Severe Damage to Eyes

It is important to use high-quality resin for fixing. Do not hesitate to ask your master what products will be used for the extension and whether they have been tested by cosmetologists. You have the absolute right to receive this information before starting the procedure.

What Are the Benefits?

Thanks to the extended eyelashes, your eyes will seem expressive 24 hours a day. You will look in the mirror and admire your beauty. Using the extension, you can even correct some problems or defects. Here are the most beneficial results of the lash extension:

  • it is attractive;
  • it is convenient;
  • no medical contraindications;
  • relatively long exploitation time;
  • flexible price.

How to Treat Your Extended Eyelashes?

Most women want to achieve a long-lasting effect, which means that they have to carefully treat their lashes. We recommend to follow these simple rules, which will allow your lashes to look awesome during 3-4 weeks:

  • In the first 24 hours, there is a final hardening of the glue, so it is recommended to avoid contact with water.
  • Let your eyelashes dry naturally and avoid rubbing your eyes with a towel after washing.
  • Comb your eyelashes with a special lash-brush.
  • Avoid contact with oily products, including shadows, eyeliners, pencils and other types of cosmetics.
  • If you have used cosmetics and washing with water is not enough, use micellar water or gel products that do not contain oil to remove it.
  • Use the eyelash shampoo to remove dust and sebaceous glands’ secretion. By the way, it can be used as a makeup remover.

It is also important to remember that extended eyelashes don’t like contacts with chlorinated and salty water. If you do swimming, you can protect your eyelashes by wearing glasses. If you relax at the sea-shore, then avoid swimming under the water. By the way, extended eyelashes – is an excellent motivation to live with optimism, because tears also don’t contribute to the long-lasting effect.

Acidic substances can also eliminate the properties of the glue, so there should be no contact of acid with eyes. You can also contribute to the good wearing of your lashes by using special cosmetic fixers. They are applied to the lashes and protect them from the harmful impact of the environment.

In Conclusion

This procedure is suitable for almost everyone. Unless you are allergic to any of the components of the glue that is used for the extension. There is also an opinion that for people who wear lenses, the procedure is contraindicated. It is false. Perhaps when it first appeared, it could do some harm, but now with the development of technology,  this is nothing more than a myth. Finally, we recommend you not to believe in myths, but to make your own conclusions.