Medport Diabetes Travel Organizer Review

Diabetes can be effectively managed with the right diet and medication, but it can be difficult keeping all your supplies organized especially when you travel.  Insulin bottles, syringes, pens, glucometer, alcohol wipes and other supplies must be readily available whenever you leave home for any length of time.  For trouble-free travel, the MedPort Diabetes Travel Organizer is your perfect companion.  It can hold up to two weeks’ supplies of diabetes medication including syringes, vials and pens.  A special insulated compartment remains cold for up to 12 hours and cools for up to 18 hours.  This travel organizer comes with multiple compartments and two 6-oz ice packs that you can freeze again and again.

The Travel Organizer is affordably priced at $25.  It is specially designed to hold and protect your diabetic supplies.  It even has a detachable pouch to safely hold medical waste until you can dispose of it properly.

Product Features

  • Holds enough diabetic supplies for up to 2 weeks
  • Has special holder for pens
  • Cool, insulated side carries insulin
  • Room temperature side holds glucometer and supplies
  • Comes with a detachable pouch for medical waste.
  • Features a handy carry strap
  • Comes with two 6-oz Polar Tech ice packs
  • Product size: 9.5” by 6.5” by 2.25”

Insulated Cool Side

The MedPort Diabetes Travel Organizer is surprisingly compact yet it can hold up to 2 weeks supply of diabetic medication and supplies.  Because insulin needs to be stored in a cold environment, the travel organizer is designed with an insulated cool side that can hold up to 4 pre-drawn syringes and up to five bottles of insulin.  The cool side also has a special vinyl pouch to hold the two “Med Ice” ice packs that come with the travel organizer.  The ice packs can be re-frozen and re-used.

Room Temperature Side

On the room-temperature side of the organizer, there is a special pocket to hold a glucometer.  Three zippered clear compartments can hold enough syringes, pens and other supplies to last for up to two weeks.  The MedPort travel organizer also features two clear pockets to hold a log book and alcohol wipes.  It also has pockets for a lancet pen and test strips.

Medical waste such as used syringes and empty vials can be temporarily stored in a detachable medical waste pouch for proper disposal later.

Keep Diabetic Supplies Well-Organized

In the past, it used to be difficult if not impossible for someone with diabetes to take a trip.  These days, however, a stress-free vacation or business trip is possible as long as you have the right prescription and the right travel accessories.

The Diabetes Travel Organizer by MedPort allows you to carry your insulin and diabetes supplies easily.  The different compartments for insulin, syringes, pens, lancets, glucometers, test strips, and other items keeps your supplies safe, well-organized and easy to find.  Although it can hold up to 2 weeks’ supply, the travel organizer is small enough to fit in a travel purse or carry-on bag.


  • Comes with many pockets and compartments to keep your diabetes medication and supplies well organized
  • Can hold up to two weeks’ worth of supplies
  • Has a cool side for storing insulin
  • Re-freezable ice packs keep your medication at a safe temperature
  • Keeps all your diabetes supplies in one place


  • Poor quality plastic in the inside of the pouches
  • Pouches are too small for standard 1-cc syringes
  • Pouch for ice packs is a tight fit

What Customers Say

People with diabetes have to manage their condition no matter where they happen to be, and the MedPort Diabetes Travel Organizer provides a convenient way to store and organize diabetes medications and supplies on a trip.  It’s quite easy to follow a diabetes treatment plan at home but the situation changes when you have to travel.  Diabetic patients need so much stuff to manage their blood sugar levels successfully that they need a special bag for their diabetes supplies.  Customers who purchased the travel organizer by MedPort say it has all the compartments and pouches they need to safely store their diabetes supplies.

The manufacturer claims that the travel organizer can hold enough diabetes supplies to last for up to two weeks.  A number of customers say this claim is true, but others say they weren’t able to fit that much supplies.  This could be because not all diabetes patients have the same type and dosages of medication and supplies.  For example, some people may use syringes while others use pens.  Some diabetes supplies take up more room than others.

The cool side of the Diabetes Travel Organizer is able to maintain a safe, cold temperature for the insulin for a long time, but a few customers reported that the included ice packs cannot last for two days as claimed.

Many customers found the case durable and well made, although a few people had issues about the quality of the the zippers and vinyl/plastic compartments.

In general, many customers found the MedPort Diabetes Travel Organizer convenient, durable, and well-designed.  It is a reasonably priced travel case with special compartments where you can safely store the diabetes supplies you need for your trip.