Mom, It’s Time To Start Taking Care of Yourself

Being a mom is a wonderful, wildly busy, challenging adventure. We focus on feeding our children healthy foods, getting them to exercise, helping with homework, and cultivating their talents—not to mention being their chef, driver, stylist, tutor, counselor and friend. On top of this, many moms today work either part-time or full-time and do most of the housework.Fotolia_2863112_XS

With all that’s on their plate, it’s pretty easy to see why so many moms forget to take care of themselves. Motherhood isn’t easy on our bodies or minds especially when we aren’t taking care to be healthy. Many moms struggle with being:

·  sleep deprived

·  stressed and frustrated

·  emotionally drained

·  overweight

·  overwhelmed

·  depressed and lonely

·  anxious

If you ever experience these things as a mom, it’s probably because you aren’t taking care of yourself. Making the effort to be a healthy person will make you a better mother, spouse and friend. You’ll also be happier, more satisfied with life and feel better physically.

Here are some ways you can start taking care of yourself:

Sleeping—One of the first things a new mother realizes when she brings her newborn home is that she’s going to have a hard time getting enough sleep. Most adults need about 8 hours of sleep to function properly and be at their best, but this pattern of sleep deprivation is likely to last many years to come. One newbie mom trick of the trade is taking naps with your little ones. Invest the time in setting a regular bedtime for your children will allow you to set a regular bedtime for yourself.

Wellness—You probably rush your kids to the doctor at the first sign of a fever or rash, but do you take care of yourself? Don’t neglect your health if feel sick. You will be much less effective taking care of others if you are sick yourself. Always be honest with your doctor about how you are doing—for example, if you are experiencing depression, migraines, hot flashes, or a low libido. She may suggest holistic remedies, medications or a combination. For example, if you are going through menopause she might have you buy Premarin or Ginseng to lessen the symptoms. These treatments can greatly improve your quality of life. Using natural supplements like magnesium for treating common problems such as migraines, for example, as opposed to relying on doctors and medications, allows you to become the hero of your own health journey.

Exercise and eat right—You already know that you need to exercise and eat right to be healthy, you just have to do it. Even if you do not need to lose weight, a healthy lifestyle is important for your body and mind. Fit exercise in at least 5 days a week. Join a gym, take Zumba classes, walk or jog in your neighborhood. Or, consider exercise equipment like a treadmill or elliptical machine to give you more flexibility in your schedule. Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods, sugar, genetically modified foods, and unhealthy snacks. Not only will you be helping yourself, you’ll be setting a good example for your children.

With all your responsibilities, you might feel selfish, but taking care of yourself—even taking time to relax—should be guilt-free. Carve out a regular break for yourself. Curl up with a book, go see a movie, go to dinner with friends or relax with a spa treatment. Eat right, exercise, get your sleep and don’t neglect seeing your doctor. A healthy you is the best gift you can give your family!