55 Best Odell Beckham Haircuts

Even if you are not a follower of sports, you will know that Odell Beckham Jnr. is a very popular person in the American Sports industry. As if being famous isn’t enough, he is emulated by many men all over the world for his fashion and style, especially his attractive haircuts.

Odell is still quite young, in his early 20s, yet he already has a fashion line and has been identified as a key figure in American fashion. He has an amazing sense of style has come up with some of the latest trending hairstyles that have spread to the rest of the world.

He is known for his unique style of mixing colors and hair textures for his different hairstyles. Currently, Odell sports a blonde hairstyle even though he has made use of several hair lengths, textures, styles, and shades.

If you are planning to get a new hairstyle to boost your looks, you can look through our list of Odell Beckham haircuts to draw some inspiration.

Who is Odell Beckham?

Just in case you don’t have an idea who Odell Beckham is, here’s a bit of information about him. Odell was born on November 5, 1992, and was originally christened Odell Cornelious Beckham Jnr. He is currently an American football player who plays in the NFL.

The athlete has played football his whole life and he has set a lot of records in his lifetime, even in the NFL. He is famous for his football as well as his fashion style and attractive haircuts. There so much to say about Odell Beckham but that is not the crux of this post. Let’s get down to business.

Transforming your hair into an Odell Beckham haircut

To get one of these hairstyles, it is advisable that you have natural curls, it works better. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be discouraged, there’s still hope. Your barber can help you get your hair curled by applying some hair products to your hair.

The back and sides also need to be taper faded using a clipper which is properly set using a gauge. If you have facial hair then you are game, this is not to say if you don’t it won’t work.

How to achieve the Odell Beckham blonde look

When you take a look at the different Odell Beckham styles you will notice that he loves to wear a blonde more than any other hair color. It may seem strange but it is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd plus it just looks really amazing.

If you are going to wear any of these blonde hairstyles, it is important that you get the blonde look perfectly. This might be a bit of a challenge which is why we have put together a few steps to help you achieve your desires Odell Beckham blonde look.

  1. To recolor your hair to blonde from natural black you need to apply some chemicals to bleach the hair.
  2. You can only have bleaching chemical on your hair for a maximum of one hour. This is a major reason why you need to have more than one bleach session if your hair is jet black.
  3. To avoid breakage of the hair or any form of wear and tear, it is important that you have your multiple sessions weeks apart. This means that you have to put up with red and orange hair at some point between the sessions.
  4. If you desire a white blonde, you may have to tone the hair after your bleaching sessions are over. This way you will remove the brassy and warm tones.
  5. If you do not have any experience with bleaching your hair, make sure you get a friend or someone else who is experienced in bleaching to handle the process.

Odell Beckham Haircuts


Messy top Odell Beckham Platinum color hairstyle

The top hair of this classic Mohawk is bleached giving it a platinum color. The sides are taper faded and the back and front have very sharp edges. He also sports a full beard which gives the haircut a perfect balance.

Long bleached twists and full beard

It seems Odell Beckham is in love with bleached hair. This hairstyle has the hair on top bleached while the roots are still in thick black. The sides are tapered to join with a full neat beard. It is a very cool hairstyle for young African American men with an outgoing personality.

Full blonde curls + undercut with beard

The blonde curls cover the head from front to back while the undercut is tapered downwards towards the back and the sides. The full beard gives a much-needed balance to this hairstyle. A few pieces of jewelry will perfectly accentuate this hairstyle and give you that posh look.

Blonde Mohawk + Full beard

This is arguably one of Odell’s best looks and you can see why. The blonde crest has the perfect amount of edge showing off the twisted curls in the most amazing manner. There is an undercut for both the front and the back of the head. This close cut allows for the features of the head to be well framed while the curls fall to one side of the head. There isn’t much to say about the full beard other than it makes the hair stand out perfectly.


Long blonde Mohawk with full beard and pattern

This is about his most famous hairstyle, in fact, it seems he has worn this hairstyle the longest in recent times. This hairstyle somehow exposes us to a softer side of Odell Beckham, which is a deviation from what a traditional Mohawk hairstyle. The curls are long and blonde, a very cool combo. There is an artistic pattern at the back of the head. The full beard perfectly complements the Mohawk. We really haven’t seen him with a longer beard ever.


Goatee with curly afro hairstyle

The top of the hair is a neatly curled afro. The tips of the hair are highlighted while the hair roots are left black. The full afro is matched by his goatee to give him that cool nerdy appearance. The sides of the hair are tapered towards the middle and fade into the skin seamlessly very close to the ears. This hairstyle is great for a dinner or a casual event.


Blonde sponge afro with pattern Odell Beckham haircut

The top hair is curly and highlighted blonde while the sides are faded towards the ears. The crest of the hair narrows into a V-shape at the back. The sides of the V-shape have a simple pattern made with a razor accentuates the whole design. He sports a French cut goatee with a thin mustache and very thin side bun.

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Bleached curly top afro with stubble for African American men

This is a perfect hairstyle for a casual event. The blonde curly top is really cool and stands out perfectly from the tapered sides. He sports a matching full-grown stubble contrasts the afro nicely.


Medium cut curled afro Mohawk

A traditional Mohawk haircut looks great with curls and this one worn by Odell Beckham is just amazing. He had to keep the hair at the top a bit longer than usual to achieve this style. The sides are tapered to the sides and he has a medium cut goatee with an almost inconspicuous mustache. The sides of his face are left bald and it allows the beard and the hair at the top to stand out uniquely.


French cut beard with tapered sponge curls

Odell’s French cut beard is well-balanced with his taper sided curly hair. It is obvious the beard is trimmed by the hands of a professional who also highlights the crest of the hair in blonde. The haircut is very neat and works perfectly for almost any occasion. To make the curls neat you can apply some quality hair product.


Bleached curled afro with a full beard

One of the most versatile hairstyles is curls because it can be transformed into about any style depending on the creativity of the barber. In this style, Odell Beckham sports a full beard while the hair at the top is curled and bleached. The lower part of the hair at the sides and the back are taper faded while a perfect contrast is created with the full beard on his chin.


Tinted afro Mohawk with faded sides

We have already talked about how curly hair can be easy to manipulate and combine with several other hairstyles. This hairstyle is a modern Mohawk which Odell has been known to wear a lot of times. The hair at the top is twisted into neat curls while the sides are neatly faded till the skin becomes bald. He has a chin hair which is medium length and a thin mustache. The tips of curls are highlighted in brown while the front of the hair is neatly lined.



Full beard with skin fade and spiked afro hairstyle

The top of the hair is first bleached before being styled by the barber to form thick spikes which are achieved by the application of a hair product. The sides are first tapered from the temples before it is faded into the skin very close to the ears. A very neat full beard is worn to accompany the unique hairstyle. Odell Beckham has been seen severally at a media briefing with this hairstyle.

Other Hairstyles

Odell Beckham Haircuts Roundup

As earlier mentioned, Odell Beckham is probably more famous for his hairstyles than his football career. Therefore, you can try out any of his hairstyles for a changed look.