Organization Hacks: How to Store Baby Clothes

Preparing your home for a newborn is not an easy thing to do. You need to have a room fully prepared before the moment a newborn baby arrives at home. A cot, a mattress, a change table, a baby bath, a couple of towels, and a set of new clothes are extremely important.

But what is, even more, harder than preparing a room for a newborn is organizing that room when the baby has already arrived and the amount of stuff needed has already increased. To avoid a mess in a baby room, think about organizing everything properly in advance. So, if you haven’t got yet a bunch of baby blankets and a bunch of trendy baby clothes, check to get the best stuff possible for the smallest member of your family. Then, read the article below and organize everything due to the recommendations described. This will help you to save a lot of time and efforts.


Organization Hacks: Baby Room

Every mom knows how messy a baby room can be, especially during the first five-six months. Decluttering your baby’s room is very important not for a newborn only but for you as a mom as well. If the room is clean and organized, you know where everything is and can reach it fast when it is needed. So, you won’t spend hours searching for a new yellow jumpsuit or a pair of blue socks, which are somewhere in the room. You will clearly understand what exactly is in this or that drawer and dresser.

Categorizing the stuff is important. It is helpful in terms of understanding what your baby already has and what else should be purchased. Of course, some of this can change as the baby grows. But, in general, you can apply the following hacks all the time.


  • The dresser is the most important element if you have a lot of stuff. Get one big dresser, which is going to contain the essentials only. The store there only those pieces, which your baby uses and wears most of all. Other stuff can be placed in your own room or in other parts of the house if you don’t have enough space in the baby’s room;
  • Divide drawers by categories. For example, the first one is for the diapers, the second one is for the actual clothes, and the next one is for the blankets, etc.
  • It makes more sense to store tees, bodysuits, and sweaters separately from shorts and skirts than mix everything in one place.
  • Get the drawer dividers or decorative boxes to store every category of clothes separately in one drawer. This saves a lot of time and looks very cute. If you want, divide clothes by colors or seasons. But this is not very practical in terms of baby stuff. What is more convenient is keeping every category of clothes in a different box. The box should perfectly fit the drawer.

So, if you feel like being lost in baby essentials, use the recommendations above to prepare the room in the best and fast way possible.