Peace and Harmony Begins with a Happy Significant Other

Digging up worms isn’t the most romantic thing. Men get into it, and some women do, too. Overall, though, it’s pretty much in the trenches as far as things to do to express your love for your significant other. There’s always a time and a place for everything. Having a little romance doesn’t mean sacrificing your love of worms. Vermiholics can have passionate lives too!

Sometimes it’s nice to reward our loved one. I mean, afterall, they are patient with our “worm habit” and if your wife is anything like mine, they certainly aren’t thrilled with the idea of keeping worms and “dirt” in the house. Reward them for their patience and then you, your loved one, and your worms can all live in a unity under one roof.


Here’s how to do it:

Allow your creativity to soar. Women’s hearts flutter when their men think outside the box. That’s where some of the most exciting and fun ways to profess your love come from. Viral videos of men proposing to their girlfriends in unconventional ways are all over the internet. A marriage proposal requires a lot of time, thoughtful preparation, and an artful mind. You needn’t propose to be creative in engaging your lover and letting them know just how special they are.

Go the traditional route and surprise your loved one with a houseplant, a bouquet of flowers, or some delicious chocolates. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be confined to one day a year. When you love someone, your appreciation for that person shows all year long. The traditional arrangement of long-stemmed red roses is tried and true, but mix it up and find the florists or nurseries that sell bromeliads and other tropical plants. Tropical plants are both exotic and unexpected. You’re sure to get a reaction when presenting your love with something out of the ordinary.

Plan an escape. A little vacation doesn’t have to mean traveling to the coast and shelling out absorbent amounts of money on a hotel stay. A simple day road trip to a local landmark or famous restaurant is both unexpected and romantic. Blindfold your love for the trip to make it extra exciting. Or, if you prefer to go all out and plan a more extensive vacation, instead of planning it with your significant other, consider planning it on your own with your partner in mind. Then, take the bold step and reach out to your sweetheart’s employer and schedule off vacation time on their behalf. Keep all plans secret until the day of departure. That’s quite the way to say “SURPRISE”!

Professing your love can also be very cost effective. Little notes left at random times around the house are especially heart-melting. Leave a handwritten message inside your partner’s lunch bag so when they pack their lunch, they’ll see it. If you’re typically not overly romantic, a simple “I love you. Have a great day,” will do. Or, if you leave for work before your love, slide a note under their wiper blade. For the cost of a postage stamp, you can send a note or card to your lover’s work for them to feel the reach of your love from an afar. Hearts will swoon!

Take the time to express your feelings to the one you love. Your passion for worms and making compost needn’t muddy your relationship. Learn about your partner’s interests and incorporate what he or she likes into whichever activity you map out. Maybe she enjoys sight-seeing. Research local national parks and scenic drives to find the perfect spot to take her. He might always be on the lookout for some great pizza. Find a well-known pizzeria within a day’s drive and surprise him with a trip. To keep love afloat during the in between times, or when time is simply not an option, grab some scratch paper and scrawl simple sweet nothings or messages with deeper meaning.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded we are cared for and loved, regardless of circumstance or how long we’ve been with our significant others. It’s these things that spice up our love life and keeps our relationships interesting. Worms are great for composting, but they don’t make great companions! Keep your companion happy and you’ll have everything you need, your love, worms, and a huge bin of top soil. What more is there?