45 Haircut Inspirations for Your Adorable Pomeranian

A Pomeranian is a beautiful breed of dog that is quite popular with notable people. This type of dog is preferred by the late Queen Victoria, Marie Antoinette, and Mozart. Since the 1870s, Pomeranian’s have graced the palaces and homes of important people in the world’s history. They are regarded as the best family pets by many dog lovers since Pomeranians are very adorable and cute. Pomeranians are energetic, playful, lively, loyal, outgoing, loving, and they are quite intelligent and smart.


Pomeranians are little charming balls of fluffy coat, and they are extremely delightful. Though the beauty of the Pomeranians comes from their gorgeous coat, there is a need to groom your pet. But be very careful in your decision to cut the hair. Make sure that you are absolutely sure about what you want, and ask advice from the vet. It is vital to get the opinion of a vet regarding cutting the coat, since Pomeranians are cold-weather dogs. And you must know how short you can go for a haircut without compromising the safety of your pooch.

Pomeranian Hairstyles

Pomeranians will never lack a hairstyle since there are many designs for this dog’s coat.

Traditional haircut

This is the basic Pomeranian haircut that does not involve complex hair cutting. Simply outline the natural shape of the coat and cut through the top. You are just trimming the coat without disturbing the original shape.

Lion Hairstyle

This cute hairstyle is one of the favorites among the Pomeranian’s world. The coat of your dog is shaved very short at the hind legs, body, back, belly, and tail. While the coat on the head, neck, front legs, and chest are left alone. The result is a lion look haircut that is absolutely gorgeous.

Bear Haircut

Bears are so cute, even though they are actually huge in size. But who doesn’t love bears? Give your Pomeranian a bear haircut and you will surely find yourself staring at your pooch at all hours. This hairstyle is achieved by leaving the ear and face hair long with a circular pattern. And then cut the hair of the whole body for up to three inches. This is a versatile haircut since you have the option to clip the body hair any length you want. Just as long as the face and ear hair is much longer.

The Show Cut

This hairstyle is mostly for show dogs, and it is quite high maintenance. You need a lot of money to maintain this hairstyle, so think about it first. And, your Pomeranian will need an expert groomer to achieve this haircut. Your Pomeranian would need to extremely patient while the coat is trimmed all over, since it will take long to finish. Little trims are made in order to create a fluffy ball of coat that looks absolutely elegant. Your dog’s face, little feet, and ears are adoringly peeking out in this stunning haircut.

Puppy Cut

This haircut is a bit similar to the teddy bear hairstyle. But in the puppy cut, the entirety of your Pomeranian’s coat is trimmed in one length only. And there is no need to make the head look circular. This hairstyle is perfect for the summer.

Foxy Pomeranian

This is a short haircut that keeps your dog clean. Simply trim the fur evenly and shorter. The result makes your Pomeranian look like a small fox.

Paw cut

This hairstyle focuses on the paws of your pooch. Give your Pomeranian the freedom to walk comfortably by not only trimming the coat, but by cutting the extra hair on the paws.

Kennel Cut

This dog haircut is also known as the “buzz cut”. Your Pomeranian hair is cut shortly so you do not need to spend time grooming the coat.

Tips for Pomeranian Haircuts

Let us look at a couple of tips regarding the haircuts for Pomeranians.

  • Trust only a certified groomer to cut the hair of your Pomeranian. You can do it yourself, but it is better to trust the professionals.
  • Do not cut your dog’s hair too short to avoid major hair growth problems.
  • Brush the coat of your Pomeranian at least once every week to prevent excessive matting of the hair. But it is better to do so every day.
  • Choose a hairstyle that best suits your Pomeranian’s personality in order to bring out the best in your pooch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pomeranian Haircuts

The canine community understands the importance of Pomeranian haircuts. However, there are pet parents who are asking a lot of questions about the hairstyles for their cute Pomeranian dogs.

Can Pomeranians have haircuts?

Like other dog breeds, Pomeranians can definitely get a haircut.  However, it is important not to cut out the hair too short in order to keep your pooch healthy.

Is there a risk in cutting a Pomeranian’s hair?

There will always be risks in cutting off a dog’s hair, regardless of the breed. But with Pomeranians, too short haircut in the winter means your pooch will feel too cold. And if cut the hair short during summer, then your pet cannot stay cool.

What is clip alopecia?

It is a hair condition of Pomeranians where the hair never grows back. This is caused by shaving or short clipping that damages the follicles. This is the worst scenario when cutting a Pomeranian’s hair too short. Less than worst incident is the hair will grow to be extra fuzzier and coupled with a wiry texture.

What is the best reason to cut the hair of my Pomeranian?

The hair of Pomeranians mats easily, which is quite difficult to groom. You should give your pooch a haircut so you can effortlessly groom your dog.

Another reason to cut your dog’s hair s to prevent the accumulation of debris, dust, and dirt in your Pomeranian’s thick and long coat.

And the primary reason for cutting your pooch’s hair is to get in-style. Gorgeous haircut makes your Pomeranian more attractive and charming.

What are the most popular haircut styles for Pomeranians?

Well, there are many styles of cutting a Pomeranian’s hair, but the two most popular hairstyles are the teddy bear and lion styles.

How can I find the best groomer in my area?

You simply need to browse the web and search for a certified dog groomer near you. It is important that the groomer has extensive years of experience in grooming a Pomeranian.

The good news is, there are many certified groomers who do house calls. Though they may charge extra for the home service, t is worth it. Sometimes it is best to groom your Pomeranian inside the comforts of your home.

How can I make my Pomeranian like coat brushing?

Pomeranians, as well as other dog breeds, usually dislike the brushing process. But since brushing their hair is an important part of taking care of your pooch, you need to do it properly.

Let us take a look at a couple of ways you can transform dislike to like in brushing your Pomeranian’s coat.

  • Introduce a brush tool to your Pomeranian while your pet is still a pup.
  • Start by letting your Pomeranian pup get familiar with the brush by letting your ball of fluffiness play with the brush.
  • Give your pooch a tasty treat whenever your pup plays with the brush. Remember that when your Pomeranian plays with the brush, it means that the brush is now a happy object.
  • After a few days of making your pup familiar with the brush, start using the brush lightly and playfully on the fluff coat. But do it in a short time only, like a couple of seconds.
  • Repeat the slight and short brushing for a few days, gradually increasing the brushing time. Make sure that your pup does not flinch with the touch of your brush. If your dog does act scared, stop the brushing and let your pooch play again with the brush.
  • After a week or two, your pup will be comfortable with your coat brushing.
  • If you are adopting an adult Pomeranian, do the same process but be prepared since it takes longer to accomplish.

What are the basic grooming tools for my Pomeranian?

What you need to understand is that grooming your pooch is not only for the beauty of your dog. It is also good for the health.

Here are the basic tools that should buy for personally cutting your Pomeranian’s coat:

  • Combs – to detangle coat, remove matted hair, and improve coat shine
  • Dog shampoo – for cleaning your dog’s whole coat
  • Dog conditioner – for promoting smooth hair
  • Rubber or bristled pet brush – for eliminating undercoat, and promoting the smoothness of the fur
  • Shears or clipper – to trim or cut long fur
  • Nail grinder – it is better than a nail trimmer for safely filing your Pomeranian’s nails
  • Grooming table – for comfortably placing your dog while grooming. It is best to buy one with an arm for additional comfort.
  • Pet wand shower attachment bathing your dog is an essential part of grooming. Use this product for your pet’s shower experience after hair trimming.
  • Grooming dryer – this allows you to dry off your dog’s hair quickly

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Final say

No matter how many Pomeranian hairstyles are there, the decision to groom your dog lies in your hands. You can choose to bring your pooch to seasoned and certified groomer, or you can buy your own grooming tools. But words of caution study and learn first how to trim a Pomeranian’s coat before you attempt to groom your precious furry friend.