Reasons Why an Adjustable Standing Desk is Good for You

If your job includes many hours of sitting on a chair then you will definitely appreciate a standing desk. A lot of people are under the impression that this is just an office trend to make it look contemporary, turns out that it’s actually much more than that. A standing desk is a desk designed to allow you to perform the jobs you can do on a normal desk except while standing up.  This idea is very simple yet it can make a huge difference in any worker’s life. Increased popularity helped in the development of the adjustable standing desk; a desk, which height can be adjusted so you could easily switch between sitting and standing, making it a versatile and comfortable addition to any office. We’ll review what makes the adjustable standing desk an essential office element and its health benefits as well.

Standing is Healthier than Sitting

Having an office job that requires you to sit for long hours every day is more devastating on your health than you’d think; obesity is directly associated with sitting for long durations, standing instead of sitting simply burns more calories, research shows that if you choose to stand instead of sit while working you can burn about 1000 calories per week; positive effect on your blood sugar levels, standing after lunch for about 3 hours almost cuts blood sugar spikes down to half; easier on your back, sitting for long times usually causes people not to notice that they are sitting in harmful positions that could damage their backs and even their spines, those with long term back pain are advised to use standing desks because it was found that it immensely reduces back pains. By promoting a healthier lifestyle, standing desks can help you save some health insurance money for your employees will be getting in better shape.

Makes Your Office Look Cool and Attracts Talent

Adjustable standing desks are becoming a trendy office element, it makes sense for an office to promote a healthy environment by having these desks. Acquiring new talent becomes easier because employees will be expecting good health and benefits programs, and nothing shows that more than standing desks. They sure can give a cool and contemporary vibe to an office, standing desks helps add a fashionable furniture sense to your office.

More Productivity

Studies had shown that standing desk can have a noticeable effect on workers’ efficiency, since standing desks can boost your energy levels and elevate your mood. It was found that most tasks that can be done on a sitting desk can also be done on a standing desk with minimal issues, a study done on 60 employees showed that their typing errors and characters per minutes did not change when they switched from sitting to standing desks.

Make Sure it is Truly Adjustable

A lot of adjustable standing desks can have the perfect height to work while standing at, but most of them will fail to drop down to the suitable height that will make working while sitting healthy, you need to make sure that the sitting position is comfortable before you get swept by its standing capabilities. It is true that most adjustable standing desks are made for average heights, but some heights are simply not average, this is why you need to invest in the ergonomics and health of every employee, getting them a desk that can make their pain worse is definitely not the best way to go about this.

Transitioning to an Adjustable Standing Desk

At the start, you won’t feel comfortable working while standing because you’ve become used to sitting most of the time. Shocking your body by standing for hours isn’t really the way you should be going about this; start from 15 to 20 minutes just to get your body used to it instead of forcing it all at once. Most adjustable standing desks come with a feature that lets you transition from a standing position to a sitting position and vice-versa. Remember, standing all the time is as bad as sitting all the time, make sure you alternate between them to keep your body from aching as the movement used in transitioning is very effective in relieving muscles.

Sitting is no longer in fashion, standing now is all the rage. If your office has a tight budget, you shouldn’t worry, adjustable standing desks are becoming trendy and a lot of manufacturers are making all different types with many prices to suit many budgets. You should look at standing desks as not just as pieces of office furniture, but you should look at them as an investment in your health in the future.