Self-Defense Equipment to Use for Women to Promote Safety

Globally, physical attack on women has been a common issue. The problem does not only affect the developing world, but also the industrialized nations. The world cannot be blind to this fact. With time, people, governments, private corporations, and even humanitarian organizations have come up with the various mechanisms to deal with this vice which affects the security and the dignity of the women. Some of them have been successful while others have failed to yield any tangible fruits. Governments have improved its legal framework in a bid to fight this vice. The private world has come up with tools which are meant to minimize this vice. Some of them include:

1. Pepper sprays

The best thing with these sprays is that both men and women can use them. In addition to quickly disabling an attacker, they can protect the owner from being attacked by dangerous animals. Thus, one can easily escape from life-threatening scenarios. With the spray, one is in a position to keep a safe distance from the attacker. What you need to do is to spray it on the face of the attacker. It will make the attacker start sneezing, coughing and experience a severe irritation in the nose. The spray is easy to operate, and you can spray an attacker who is three metres away from you. However, you are required to use it in risky situations only. It can cause temporary blindness to the targeted person or disable him or her. In case you are exposed, it is good to rinse with a lot of water before seeking medical advice.

2. Honeycomb Hairbrush concealed

It looks like a simple comb. However, this is a powerful weapon. There is an 8-inch dagger which is concealed in the comb’s head. The dagger is made of a durable material that is resistant to weather and breakage. It looks harmless, but in case a need arises, you can use to stop the attacker. It is a lethal weapon which needs to be used in close range.

3. Kuba-Kickz plastic knuckles for your shoes

This is an ideal weapon for women. It is fitted to shoes with laces. In case of an attack, you can kick the attacker on the arms or legs leading to serious damage. If the attacker becomes more aggressive, you can kick him or her on the groin and cause more devastating damage. They fit well on fashion boots making them very ideal for women of all walks of life.

4. Spy Mobile Stun Gun

It is a self-defense weapon which no one can detect while you are walking around with it. You can hang it from your belt where you can easily access without the attacker knowing that you are armed. It happens to be a very useful self-defense tool. In case of an attack, you need to press the device into the person. Afterwards, press the trigger. This generates an electrical charge into the body of the attacker making his muscles to be inactive. The guns are very safe, and you cannot feel any shock even if you are touching the body of the attacker.

5. Self-defense knife

When you use this weapon, expect to see some blood. It is not just an ordinary knife. It happens to be one of the most effective self-defense weapons since it has serrated edges. These edges help in cutting and ripping the flesh of the attacker rather than stabbing him or her. Thus they are beneficial when you are defending yourself when the attacker is extremely close to you. They have an ideal design which helps you to remove them from the pocket when a need arises. You need to pull the knife up and down ad this will lead to a lot of damage on the part of the attacker. These defense equipment can be found at

6. Self Defense Safety Rod

These are batons which can be used for self-defense. They are light and easy to carry. They offer protection from any aggression and animals, including dogs by producing a very painful shock to the attacker. The shock is however non-lethal.

7. Self-defense keychain ball

It contains a steel ball which is wrapped in a paracord. When the attacker approaches, you need to swing at his or her head and knock him or her out. You can swing it to any range hence assisting you to deal with both close range attackers and attackers who are a few metres away.

Women are in the danger of attack at any time. Thus, there is a need for having equipment which can be used to enhance their safety. All the above devices are widely available in the various retail outlets at very affordable prices. It is advisable for each woman to have at least one of these devices. This equipment can be used when the attacker does not have a gun. If he or she happens to have one, never try to engage in confrontations since you can lose your life.