Sex Trends 2021: What’s Going to Be Hot (And What’s Not)

Phew! 2020 was a difficult year for most of us, if not everyone. Everything that has a beginning has an end, though, and I’m glad to see the back of it. The coronavirus pandemic affected so much in our daily lives, and sex was no exception. Of course, people had to adapt and get accustomed to the ‘new normal,’ but there’s no doubt about the pandemic’s short- and long-term effects.

So, with coronavirus in mind and the ongoing vaccine roll-out, here are some of the sex trends you should be prepared for in 2021:

1.     Sexual Mindfulness.

COVID lockdown measures led people to appreciate nature more and being mindful of each other. Suddenly, we started enjoying the trees, fresh air, and meditation. Partners who were stuck together focused less on orgasms and more on being in the moment. This form of mindfulness will go on in 2021 as people seek to enjoy moments fully; they previously took for granted. The cathartic appeal of a good home-cooked meal and a natural lovemaking session will become more important. People will continue prioritizing being in the moment and enjoying giving or receiving pleasure.

Sexual mindfulness also means discussing your love life more openly. Watershed topics like consent and sexual health will be discussed more openly. But there’s more. Preferences and mood killers will be discussed more before being intimate to clear misunderstandings and improve decision-making.

2.     Long-distance Relationships.

With most relationships relying on Zoom and other social media platforms throughout the lockdown, we can expect long-distance and virtual relationships to flourish. People will carry on going on virtual dates, and dating sites will maintain their relevance. Unlike before, when people usually started with an actual date before face timing each other, virtual dates will slowly become a typical first step before meeting in the flesh.

To meet the sexual needs of long-distance dating, 2021 will be characterized by a sex toy sale surge. Common long-distance sex toys like Kiiro Keon will attract a bigger audience as partners seek to make up for the lack of physical touch. Interactive sex toys will be on-demand as lovebirds set out to complement the long-distance relationship.

1.     Trendy Toys and Wearable Fun.

Adult toys have been in use for the longest time, but with advancements in research and innovation, sex toy enthusiasts should expect better and ‘more intelligent’ options. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and robotics science, self-pleasuring is about to be elevated. But there’s more. Wearable sex toys will be more common for those interested in solo and partner play of a more racy nature.

Innovative technology, coupled with the dynamic nature of wearable sex toys, makes this an exciting trend. You can enjoy rumbles from wherever. Whether in the store, at the movies, or the bar, the fun doesn’t stop. Now here comes the good part. You can control the pulsations with a mobile app, making it much more comfortable and hotter to wear one outside.

2.     Pegging and BDSM

As soon as coronavirus was declared a pandemic, the sale of sex toys, strap ons, and fetish costumes skyrocketed. People who weren’t sure before were willing to try out pegging and BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism) play. And while there’s a stigma around pegging with the society viewing it as a reserve for gay and bi men, the taboo seems to be fading away.

More people are open to experimenting and expressing their sexuality, something that’ll continue throughout 2021. Now here comes the good part. Pegging benefits both partners – as the strap-on wearer enjoys the excitement of domination, the receiver enjoys P-spot stimulation, a unique sensation from prostate massage. If you need help picking a strap-on for pegging, My Sex Toy Guide has a helpful guide.

What’s Not Going to be Hot?

Among the trends that will lose their relevance in 2021 is vanilla sex. The lockdown taught us to go big or go home. Partners got sex toys, practiced BDSM, and did just about everything that they previously considered taboo. Moving forward, things can only get better. Other things that won’t be hot are regular sex toys. With the advent of technology, most people will shun away from what’s ordinary. Sonic technology, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics science will shape the new generation of sex toys.

In conclusion, sex trends will be explosive in 2021. And while most of the trends were shaped by the lockdown, their prospect of longevity looks exciting. People will switch to trendy toys and be more sexually mindful more than before. Pegging will also continue taking shape among heterosexual partners, and long-distance relationships aren’t going away anytime soon.