Spectacular Glass Sculptures

Thanks to the euro tunnel and the camping in France guide, I can indulge my passion for art and sculpture almost every weekend. My favourite finds are often in unexpected places and from unknown (to me) artists.

Glass blowing is a skill that never ceases to impress me, especially having been to Murano in Italy to watch artisans at work on this ancient art form. I am amazed by the tiniest, most intricate of pieces which can be fashioned in an assortment of rainbow colours. Likewise, grand spectacular sculptures often stop me in my tracks.

Chandeliers are extravagant, yet useful glass artworks and I spend hours traipsing around National Trust properties and chateaux to marvel at glorious hanging crystals.

My most recent discovery is an absolute gem of an artist If there is one modern glass sculptor whose work deserves the adjective spectacular, it is Dale Chiluly. His stunning enormous blown glass pieces stand out in every way and can be found all over the world. He often adds light to the works which gives them another dimension.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Here are some of my favourite spectacular glass finds:

The distinctive and brilliant work of Dale Chihuly.

Dale Chiluly work fascinates and stuns visitors in the Victoria & Albert museum foyer in London.

‘La Victoire de Samothrace’ is a glass sculpture tribute to artist Yves Klein. On sale in Harrods if you fancy a shopping trip.

Incredible detail makes this octopus glass sculpture look almost alive!

Stunning blown piece by Lino Tagliapietra

More classic Chiluly in the great outdoors

And still more

This is my kind of pot plant – low maintenance! Such a brilliant idea for a piece.

Now this is different – art meets science. Luke Jerram uses microscopic images of viruses such as HIV, e.Coli and SARS as inspriation for unusual glass sculptures.

Murano glass ribbons attached to gilded metal light up the staircase in the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. Simply spectacular.