Stylish Gifts For The Fashion-Forward Man In Your Life

Men are notoriously hard to buy for, and it’s even tougher when they’re into fashion and like to look good, as often they buy themselves the latest clothes and accessories as soon as they’re released.

For those women who want to buy that special man in their life – be they a brother, father, lover or just a friend – a gift they’ll adore, here’s our guide to gifts that fashionable gents will fall in love with.

A Smart Mirror

Men who love to look good at all times will love a smart mirror. These innovative inventions have features such as automatic lighting adjustment and magnification, and they can even connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allow you to communicate whilst you get ready. There’s a smart mirror out there to suit every man, no matter how discerning, so you can find the perfect option that will give him many years of joy.

Comfortable Silk Pyjamas

Nightwear is a great choice for the man who likes to look good all the time, even when he’s sleeping. There’s a wide variety of silk pyjamas out there that are look and feel cool, so whatever his tastes you can find the perfect pair to suit him. You can also get them monogrammed to add a touch of class to your gift and make it truly personal.

The Latest Designer Trainers

Luxury footwear is pricey, and with brands bringing out new styles all the time it can be hard to keep up. If the man in your life is a sneaker lover who always wants to wear the freshest kicks, check out SSENSE for the latest designs, such as their vast range of stunning Fendi sneakers, to find a pair he’ll appreciate.

A Traditional Shaving Kit

Beards might have been fashionable last year, but a smooth shave never goes out of style, so if your man is constantly searching for that perfect close shave then invest in a traditional shaving kit for him. Respected brands have worked hard over the years to perfect their products and create solutions that will give men the closest, safest possible shave. The kits look classically stylish, making them perfect for the man who loves to travel.


Stylish men often like to wear traditional shirts, and that means that they’ll need cufflinks to keep the sleeves secure. There are loads of classic styles out there to choose from, or you could opt for branded cufflinks to give them a cohesive look that matches with their other accessories. Respected luxury accessories brands such as Cartier, Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani and OMEGA offer cufflinks, meaning that you can find a set that will go with their existing collection.

A Stylish AirPods Case

Apple’s latest technological marvel, AirPods, are a must for every stylish man, so chances are the man in your life already has a pair or more. However, he might still be toting them around in the case they came in, which would be a shame since there are a variety of trendy AirPod cases on the market currently. Find him a case that goes with his wardrobe to ensure he carries his cutting-edge technology in true style.

Premium Skincare

A naturally dewy complexion is the perfect accessory for any look, but it can be hard to achieve without a little help. If your man struggles with his skin, or is a fan of a particular brand, then a skincare set is a great practical gift. You could buy him tried and tested products that you know he already adores, or you could search out a new brand that he’s never heard of and give him the chance to test it out.

Decedent Apparel For His Furry Friend

Man’s best friend deserves a treat too, and if you know a man who sees his dogs as his favourite accessory, consider treating them to luxury dog coat. There are a variety to choose from, with major brands such as Barbour, Burberry and Gucci all offering quality dog clothes that will allow your man and his best friend to look great together.

A Luxury Watch

Watches are more than just a timepiece; they’re an investment and a statement that says a lot about the wearer. Buying a luxury watch is a true sign that you love and understand the man you’re gifting it to. It can be hard to find the perfect luxury watch, especially if it’s your first time buying one, so take time browsing the options on the market before you commit to purchasing one.