Recommended Reading: 5 Holiday Reads For Your Summer Vacation

When it comes to relaxing on a sun lounger for a couple of weeks, you definitely need some reading material to keep you entertained between all that swimming, ice cream eating and general lounging you intend on doing.

Or perhaps your vacation is planned for something a little more exciting – whether you’re searching for real estate in Lisbon or even abroad for work you’re going to need something to read while waiting at the airport or while traveling around.

Here are five books to consider these year, each one falling into a different category so there should be something for everyone!


  1. Romance

Me Before You by JojoMoyes

Ah, the classic romance with a tear jerking ending and loveable characters you wish were real. Me Before You is the ideal book to pick up at the airport this year to read by the pool. Penned by JojoMoyes, the book is also being made into a film in 2016 starring heartthrob Sam Claflin and dragon taming Emilia Clarke.

The story follows characters Lou and Will, who are complete opposites but are brought together when Lou takes a job as Will’s carer after he is left paralyzed from a motorcycle accident. It’s heartwarming, but be warned – there will be tears.

  1. Young adult

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Have you been looking for another book series filled with teenage angst and love triangles? Then Rick Yancey’s,The 5th Wave books should tick those boxes and are another example of a novel being made into a film this year, starring Chloe Grace Moretz as the lead character Cassie.


The story of her trek across America to find her brother, after an alien invasion that destroys most of mankind unfolds, it’s a classic story of a young girl overcoming her fears, finding love and fighting back. Pick up the first two books in the series to keep you busy throughout your holiday.

  1. Thriller

Finders Keepers by Stephen King

The King of Horror has released another thrilling page turner ready for your big summer getaway, and if you loved Misery you’re going to enjoy Finders Keepers too. The story follows deranged reader Morris Bellamy who has such a strong obsession with author John Rothstein that he kills in an attempt to get his hands on some notebooks and an unpublished novel. However, after being sent to prison and his release 35 years later, Bellamy goes after the person who discovered the notebooks in his absence.

The book is suspenseful, fast paced and allows King to comment on obsessive fans and how literature shapes a person’s life.

  1. Non-fiction

I am Malala by MalalaYousafzai

If you’re not much of a fiction fan, then MalalaYousafzai’s story should grip you as she recalls her fight for the right to an education and the attack on her life in 2012 that no one expected her to survive. Malala’s story will open your eyes to another world, broaden your views and fill you with utmost respect for her and her heroic actions, standing up for what she believes in and changing the world.

  1. Comedy

Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran

A compilation of her favourite pieces of work, plus plenty of new writing, Moran attempts to deconstruct 21st Century life in this book and it brings about some very amusing results. From Twitter to the Internet in general to the hype around Benedict Cumberbatch, nothing is safe in Moranifesto and you’ll be chuckling to yourself while trying to keep sand out of the pages. Worth a read and perhaps an eye opener for some people!