Why You Should Get A Custom T-Shirt Made This Valentine’s Day

For the most part, people don’t tend to associate any sort of clothes or fashion with Valentine’s Day. Well, some people like to put on a red theme or stick some heart motifs somewhere; but for the most part, whether you’re walking around in a full Georgian dress or jeans and a t-shirt, nobody’s going to accuse you of being inappropriately dressed for Valentine’s.

The point here is that some people seem to think that Valentine’s Day t-shirts are tacky – and that that’s entirely absurd. There’s no sort of set tradition making it inappropriate to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a shirt – and in fact, the right shirt can make it a Valentine’s Day that you and your special somebody will never forget.

And that’s our roundabout way of saying that, if you really want to give your loved one the sort of Valentine’s they’ll remember, you want to look past the standard flowers and chocolates and other clichés, and start considering some nifty Valentine’s Day t-shirt designs.

But why t-shirt designs, you might ask? They’re hardly a new phenomenon – every holiday, event, celebrity or brand has one these days.

But we’re not just talking about the generic red-heart shirts you get at the newsagent’s. See, the reason everyone and everything has their own t-shirt designs now is because they’re so easy to get done. And that means that, with relatively minimal effort and cost, you can get your own t-shirt designs made. Designs that’ll make it a Valentine’s Day that the both of you are always going to remember – after all, shirts make great mementoes.

You’ll want to start with designs. Don’t be afraid to get out a pencil and paper and do a bit of doodling – even if you don’t normally draw, it can really help to get a visual notion of what you want. You can opt for a digital approach, too – a drawing programme, if you’re skilled with those, or else there’s a fair few sites across the internet with interfaces dedicated specifically to designing shirts. It can really help you figure out want you want

We can’t tell you exactly what that is, of course – this is all about you and your special someone, and only you and them can really say what sort of design is going to evoke your relationship. Maybe you’d like to opt for one of those sets of couple’s complementing shirts (you know, those “I’m With Stupid” ones, except a bit less rude), or some artful design incorporating hearts and both your names, or some imagery evoking your first date – there’s tons of possibilities, really.

But if you do so happen to need a bit of inspiration, and don’t want to discuss it with your special someone (after all, this’ll be so much cooler if it’s kept a surprise), you can always take a peek on the internet. Want to peruse some Valentine’s Day design templates for t-shirts? Or maybe you’d like to peruse examples of what other creative folks designed for this special day? Perhaps you’d even like to engage with them directly, and discuss ideas? Sites like Pinterest or Instagram or Etsy are just chock-full of aspiring artists and designers who can’t wait to discuss their latest designs – and that’s not even talking about the countless sites out there dedicated specifically to t-shirt designers.

Yeah – like we said, there’s big business in t-shirt design.

Once you’ve got your design locked down, though, then it’s time to move on to the most obvious part: getting it printed. Now, as we’ve made pretty clear, there’s a whole ton of business in the online world when it comes to creating shirts, and you’re likely to find several sites offering just that right away; but do be sure that you also take time to check out local businesses that also offer shirt printing – they’ll often be a lot less pricey since delivery won’t be involved.

For this reason, you ought to take the approach to Valentine’s Day that one usually takes to Christmas, and start planning it a few weeks before it arrives. This will give you time to peruse both the local and online options, finding out which ones are most affordable, have the best reputation, and are able and willing to print your particular designs.

A t-shirt may be a simple thing; but really, that’s why it’s so ideal to make a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget. Even on the most casual of days, when you throw it on, you and your significant other will be able to think back to that highly personalized Valentine’s Day you spent together. Start prepping those shirt designs today~