The Best Valentine’s Gifts for Your Single Self

Valentine’s Day has long been a holiday focused on romance and the celebration of being the part of a couple. As a result, it can be a challenging day for single people who aren’t included in the hype.

However, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for practicing self-care and celebrating self-love by treating oneself to a nice gift. Here are some of the best Valentine’s gifts to buy yourself.

A Piece of Art

Buying yourself art is investing in a gift that you’ll continue to appreciate years down the road. While it may not be the first go to for a traditional Valentine’s gift, art is meant to elicit an emotional reaction within the viewer, which makes it a perfect gift. As art is often subjective, with beauty being in the eye of the beholder, purchasing a piece for oneself is often easier than buying for someone else.

To enhance the special qualities associated with a piece of art, consider having a personal photo that’s important to you turned into art using Instapainting. This could be a photo of your childhood home, beloved pet or even that one picture of yourself that you feel really showcases who you are.

Spa Treatment

Spa treatments have incredible, restorative effects and help users practice self-care without putting in any work themselves. Whether you choose to book a pedicure or go for a full spa day complete with massage and facial, everything you experience will help you relax and unwind.

Look for a spa that offers perks with bookings, such as a sauna or hot tub for use while you wait for your appointment. Feel free to take advantage of Valentine’s Day specials to get a deal on your service; there are no rules that say you and your best friend can’t get a couple’s massage together!

New Underwear

You don’t have to go for the frilly, over-the-top pink or red lingerie that so many retailers offer during the lead up to Valentine’s Day, but purchasing yourself a new bra and underwear set can be a fun way to celebrate yourself. Look for something that fits your state of mind. If you’re playing the dating game, look for something flirty and fun. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, invest in a nice sports bra.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a sexy underwear set even if you have no intentions of showing anyone. It can be fun to wear something racy under a conservative work outfit for a secret thrill. Alternatively, a cute new set is sometimes just a mood booster all around. Get something comfortable that brings you joy.

Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir photoshoots have been a hot ticket item in recent years, especially around Valentine’s Day. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s not only women in couples who are having these photo sessions done. Many single women of all shapes and sizes are taking the time to have their hair and makeup done, donning negligee or nothing at all, and posing for photos that they intend on keeping to themselves as a way to fall in love with their bodies.

Look for a skilled, highly-recommended photographer to work with you to complete these photographs, not one who has simply jumped on the bandwagon. This photographer should make you feel beautiful without photoshopping you or changing who you are.

Chocolate and Flowers

Sometimes the best way to go is to keep it simple. Stop by the local chocolate shop and pick up a box of your favorite chocolates, then head out to grab some beautiful flowers for your kitchen table. Valentine’s Day is a great time for indulging in some extra calories while watching Netflix in your sweatpants– or your new underwear.

Don’t allow the hype of a holiday to make you feel bad about being single. Take some time to reflect upon your relationship with yourself and celebrate who you are and who you’ll become.