The Common Factors that Trigger Hair Loss

Hair loss is a prevalent condition that affects many people in their lives at a particular stage. While it happens to both men and women, hair loss is more prevalent in men. People lose around 100 strands of hair daily. Nonetheless, if you notice that you’re losing too many hair strands, that may indicate a problem, and it should be addressed. So many factors can cause hair loss, so it isn’t very easy to state which one is the precise cause. It can be hormonal imbalance, heredity, or even Anemia. Fortunately, hair can grow back, so you don’t need to worry.

Below are some of the primary causes of hair loss;

Hormonal imbalance

A hormonal imbalance can lead to devastating health and beauty problems, from weight gain to hormonal acne. If your hormones are imbalanced, the effects will be felt throughout the body, including the hair. Hormones play a significant role in controlling hair growth. Oestrogen, which is the female hormones, helps to make the hairs to stay in their growth phase for an average length of time. Androgens [male hormones], on the other side, are not hair-friendly and can shorten the cycle of hair growth. If therefore, your hormones are imbalanced, and you happen to have more androgens, then you might experience significant hair loss.


During pregnancy, your body deals with a significant amount of stress that could lead to hair loss. After birth, moreover, due to the changes, you could experience even more and noticeable hair loss. While hair loss during pregnancy and after birth is common, it shouldn’t worry you. In time, say a few months, as your body recovers from the stress and changes, the hair will grow back without needing any medical intervention.


If you are suffering from Anemia as a result of iron deficiency, this can cause hair loss. Iron produces hemoglobin, and a shortage can lead to oxygen not being transported to your body cells for repair and growth. What’s more, with low iron, your hormonal regulation is compromised, leading to concerns such as irritability, palpitations, blood sugar problems, and fatigue, and hair loss, to mention a few concerns. With such concerns, your overall health is affected, further slowing your body’s capability to repair and regenerate healthy cells. While striving to enhance your hair growth with Anemia, you could turn to iron supplements to enhance cell repair and growth.


Does your family show a persistent pattern of hair loss either due to age or at certain stages? Well, hair loss can be a result of genetic makeup that is passed from one generation to the next. If therefore, your family is the type who loses hair at a certain age, then this is more likely to happen to you as well. You can, however, turn to over-the-counter drugs, Rogaine being among the popular choice. While dealing with over-the-counter medications, nonetheless, seeking medical assistance, especially if you are dealing with a pre-existing medical condition or taking prescription medication, is advised. This is primarily because over-the-counter drugs could interact with other medicines worsening your hair loss situation or even aggravate your overall health.


Hair loss is prevalent as you age. The hair becomes thin, and they, at times, fall out. As you age, your body changes, and your cells can no longer regenerate as fast as it used to be during your youthful times. With slowed cell regeneration, your hair growth is affected, and with hair falling out, you experience significant hair loss.


You may have noticed that most people on chemotherapy spot a shaved head. Well, unfortunately, some of the drugs used to battle cancer can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy can quickly destroy the rising cells, and hair can also get affected because it’s made up of cells.

Physical stress

Hair goes through 3 stages; the growth phase, the rest phase, and the shedding phase. When you are under a lot of stress, it triggers the hair cycle, leading the hair to a shedding phase. This, in turn, causes hair to fall out.

Dramatic weight loss

This can lead to hair falling out because of the sudden changes in weight and shock that your body experiences. Weight loss stresses the body, and failing to eat right can result in a shortage of vitamins and minerals.

While some instances are unavoidable, with a healthy lifestyle, you can keep some of the hair loss causes at bay. As you strive to enhance your hair growth, moreover, seeking professional assistance is necessary to avoid unnecessary measures that can further affect your health.