The Dating Game Has Changed – Adapt and Make it Work for You

Once upon a time, people used to head into town at weekend to locations where other singles congregated, such as bars or clubs, drinking all the time, then arranging dates with people whose names they hardly remembered in the morning. Along came online dating sites and the whole matchmaking game changed. Site users were now firmly in the driving seat when it came to arranging get-togethers, with the power to establish parameters and communicate with potential partners for long periods before offline hookups.

While this has had a profound effect on how people can connect in the modern world, especially in terms of convenience and fitting dating into our busy lifestyles, it has brought drawbacks. But if you can adapt and learn the best ways to take full advantage of dating websites, they can really work for you.



Perhaps you grew used to having to evaluate the people you were attracted to over a period of time, always teasing out more of their character traits the longer you knew them. One major change that has been introduced by online matching is you now have the chance to find out so much about potential dates beforehand. Dating sites are geared to allow clients to connect in a relaxed atmosphere. Chat rooms offer a discreet environment where singles can drop by, shed any inhibitions and be completely open about what they are looking for in a relationship.

This scenario is one that is readily adapted to. People who are relatively new to dating sites quickly get to grips with this way of communicating. Unlike dates we may well have experienced in the real world, where there were always a certain amount of games being played, online couples are far more likely to present truer versions of themselves. Of course, the one exception to this would be the fact some users hide behind personas or publish profile pictures snapped a long time ago. But the genuine personalities are always the ones that shine through.

Types of dates

Another aspect of the dating game that has moved on considerably is the fact there are now sites catering for every possible taste. No one has to modify their behavior in order to pander to someone else’s likes or dislikes. The type of person you are attracted to can be established from the outset. The power is in your hands, so you can choose which particular sites to sign up to depending on the type of relationship they are geared towards. If you are not interested in casual relationships then you can stay clearer with the likes of Tinder.  But if you are looking for is longer-term partnership you can easily adapt to those sites which are geared towards less superficial encounters, such as

Learn to stay discerning

One thing that jumps out at dating site visitors is always the sheer amount of potential talent waiting to be unlocked. Although this may equate to being a child unleashed in a candy store, you need to be careful you don’t sicken yourself! Just because you find yourself spoiled for choice is no reason to lose your discerning streak.

Again, this is an aspect of the dating game you can quickly adapt to. You are under no obligation to rush into anything, so relax and take all the time you want before deciding who you would like to get to know better. When you do decide to message somebody, pull out all the stops so your interest will be reciprocated.