The Most Elaborate Office Pranks Ever Dared!

Pranks are part of the parcel of modern day work life. Mainly because we spend most of our waking hours in stuffy and strict working environments. So it’s no wonder that every so often we have to let off some steam and office pranks seem to be a good way to do it. A little office fun from time to time is fine, as long as we don’t go too far and say superglue a colleague to a desk or something! I think that would be taking things a little too far and if the boss didn’t find these pranks funny, you are going to be in big trouble.

I mean, can you imagine how hard it would be to advertise vacancies in some offices if the people who worked there were constantly uptight, you would have no chance in trying to recruit jobs online, never mind getting anyone to actually stay working there. The same would probably go if pranks went too far or people were constantly singling out one individual to play pranks on, that would be borderline bullying in my eyes! But some of the pranks I’ve managed to find online go way beyond the old TP your desk kind of pranks, they are far more inventive or way more elaborate than that!

As long as they are a little bit of harmless fun, I don’t see the problem with it.

So here they are…

Reflective Office

This is even worse than the TP photos I’ve seen, how long must it have taken someone to do this in tinfoil? And it must have cost a fortune. Well at least there will be no Aliens tracking them!

Mouse in the Jello!
Oh the old Mouse in the jello prank….hope they used an old broken one!!


Office Bathroom

Aw someone is gonna get a shock when they come back from their hols, to discover their Office space is now the Office toilet. I hope everyone has flushed and washed their hands!!

The Bosses Car Gets It!
Well Stationary are gonna get pulled up about blowing their budget on post-it notes! I hope they don’t damage the paint work. I can just see the Bosses face now, tee hee!!

Wrong Office?

This one is hilarious, just watch how this Prank caught loads of Senior Office staff out!
Click here to watch Office Prank

Office Princess


Watch as the other office staff convert this Office into a Princesses dream palace!
Click here to watch Office Prank

Twinkie Prank


How many Twinkies can you fit in an Office cubicle?  Oh that’s how many!
I would love to have this one done to me, I love cakes…

Robots and Orange Balls!

There are some real geeks out there! I wonder how long it took them to build and set this one up? To top it all off it wasn’t even that funny!

Click here to watch Office Prank

Happy 50th or Should that be Death?


How rotten is this! What a poor bloke…you come in on your 50th Birthday and look at what your employees get you! In the voice of Alan Sugar “You’re Fired!!”

Disappearing Office

This is a good one! Hope they put it back to how it was though?
To watch click here Office Prank

Little House on the Prairie Cubicle

Bet he wasn’t expecting a total rebuild! But isn’t it pretty, I bet Chloe would love that…I wonder if I could build that in my living room?

To watch click here

Wow, Wasn’t Expecting That!

Proof that the practical jokes have gone that little bit too far!! Loving the electric fence to keep Mr Grizzly in!!

Hope you giggled as much as I did at some of these!!
Back soon….

Demon Chick xx