The Perfect Rides for the Glamorous Woman

Glamor and technology might appear to be an unlikely pairing, but the truth is that many new innovations are being made to especially appeal to those with impeccable style. Technology is being featured in everything from workout apparel and accessories to baby products. Whether you own a pair of designer shoes that have been engineered to make walking in six inch heels a breeze, or you are using a suitcase that features a USB charging port, you have probably developed a taste for chic technology. As for the glamorous woman, there are dozens of high-tech cars to choose from. Which one is the absolute best in terms of sophistication and innovation? Read on to find out.

What Do Glamorous Women Look for in a Car?

Every woman is different, even those of the glamorous variety. You have to consider all of the features you want to have in your new car, but first consider how a car looks versus what’s inside. While you are driving, you will only have an inside view. The comfort of your vehicle’s driver seat, wheel, and mirror system is going to have the most impact, in terms of glamor and style. If you can’t feel at ease driving your car, you certainly won’t enjoy the other features as much. Basic safety and functionality features are a must of course, as are warranties.

The last areas of your car you should consider are its body style, paint color, or rims. Compare different cars and go out for test rides so you get the right impression of each vehicle. Lastly, try taking a selfie of yourself, in a parked position, to see how glamorous you will look behind the wheel.

Mirrors, Lighting, and Rear Back-Up Cameras

As mentioned before, in your car, you will spend most of the time in the driver’s seat. You will be taking the active role in navigating your vehicle safety to your destination, and you will be relying on the car’s basic features heavily. The mirror system, headlights and interior lights, and back-up camera system are most critical. There are also features like responsive braking and lane-change systems that can help you to stay out of trouble. However, those features are automated. Mirror systems and back-up cameras are features that you will use consistently, to pull out of your driveway, merge on the freeway, and drive on city streets. Ensure that you get a car that has adequate mirror and rear camera systems that enable you to operate your vehicle like the expert you are.

Self-Driving Technology

Most glamorous women would be happy to be chauffeured around everywhere. Unfortunately, automated chauffeurs have not yet been invented. The closest that modern technology has gotten are autonomous vehicles. Companies such as GM are hard at work on fully autonomous cars that will transport people safely, but there are tons of cars that feature similar technology. To learn more about autonomous vehicles and how they are being engineered today, click here.

Tesla has an autopilot feature that enables drivers to relax while still in full control of their cars. There are other features that will allow you to change lanes automatically, and improvements to cruise control that will give your foot a much-needed break. In the end, there are no cars that can totally be operated without the driver’s input. The hope is that improvements to driver safety will continue while less driver intervention becomes necessary.

Safety and Privacy Features

Although new cars are known to have a lot of fun bells and whistles designed to enhance driver and passenger enjoyment, safety and privacy continue to be paramount. Some glamorous women drive their children to and from school, and they prefer the privacy that window tinting gives them from prying eyes as well as the sun’s rays. In addition to developing new types of window tinting, many new vehicles feature advancements, such as 360° view to enable drivers to see all points around their vehicles. There have also been improvements to cruise control setting, which is now adaptive in many models. Pedestrian alert systems have now been installed on various new model cars, allowing all drivers to avoid deadly accidents.

Internet Accessibility and Bluetooth

As smartphones and mobile devices more and more become the standard, most people want more than just a USB charger in their vehicles. Having the ability to use the internet in your car is a plus as mobile data plans can be unforgiving on long trips. Glamorous women that bring their playlists along with them everywhere they go will also appreciate the plug-and-play Bluetooth systems that are now being featured in new cars. Connect your smartphone to your vehicle, and you will have full access to its contents. Use Bluetooth to connect your phone to your vehicle’s speakers, and you can make and receive phone calls safely as you drive. These features are a must-have for glamorous drivers everywhere.

Navigation and Gadgets

For every new line of cars that gets released annually, there never seem to be enough new gadgets featured. Navigation systems have also markedly improved, with drivers being able to input directions in voice-activated mode, never needing to take their eyes off the road. With turn-by-turn directions now being the standard in automobile navigation and GPS systems, you will never need to worry about getting lost or being late for an event again.

Style should never come second to safety. The good news is that you don’t even have to consider trading one for the other. Regardless of how much you have to spend on a vehicle, you can drive stylishly and enjoy the latest technologies. Look for cars that have the best highway mileage if you are a commuter, or consider getting a hybrid or fully electric vehicle. Stylish women who need plenty of cargo room and space for passengers will be pleased when they see the newest SUV hybrids, chock full of exciting interior features. If you prefer a car that is a little flashier, take a look at the newest luxury vehicles and all that they have to offer. No matter your brand of glamor, there is a vehicle available for sale that will match it.