The Top 5 Positions for Women in Medicine

The roles of female and male in the medical field are often compared to those in daily life. Women are regularly treated as an inferior and to attain a career in such a field as the medical one is praised among both men and women. There are many options for women in medicine. While most think the perfect career for a woman in the medical field is to become a nurse or an assistant of some kind, the career that gets the most respect are physicians and surgeons and even then are women treated as if they aren’t capable of completing the tasks both men and women are supposed to the standard.

Weigh your options when choosing a healthcare career to make sure you pick something that will fit your personality and the lifestyle you want to live or are already living. Consider the many challenges women go through while working in the medical field. Most experience gender discrimination, pay and salary gaps and name games. Female doctors, nurses, dentists, etc have to pull extra weight just to be accepted as someone who has enough credentials as a male.

There are positives that come with working in medicine that makes women continue to pursue this field. Saving lives and helping people who can’t help themselves makes someone feel good about themselves. Large salaries and having the security of knowing there will always be a place for you somewhere also assists in getting women into medicine.


Women actually surpassed men when it comes to medical school enrollment these days and it shows how women really want to help others. Women have a certain skill in communication, empathy and nurturing that male physicians do not possess. This is a quality that is often praised because women handle sensitive situations with families, children or women better.

This can be a difficult career to keep up with as it demands so much of your time. Being a mother and having a family and being a doctor can be very tiresome and difficult. But, you see many mothers working their hardest and thrive still when they are handed hardships with their families and their careers.

Becoming a physician is great for women because private and public practices allow the equality of pay. Women are paid as much, sometimes more than their male counterparts. Demand for female physicians by female patients gives the salary a boost.

Women’s Health

This career is one that may fit some women the most. Women’s health consists of labor and delivery nurses, OB/GYN physician, a nurse -midwife, a PA/NP in OB/GYN, doula, etc. The demand for women in this field allows them to have some security in finding a job somewhere. Labor and delivery nurses specifically work with women during the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and neonatal stages of having a baby. A midwife deal with women who are pregnant and help deliver babies that are in low-risk healthy pregnancies.

Medical assistant

Most medical assistants work in the clinic or office and are quite valuable to the team of patient care. The duties require someone who can perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the office running smoothly. Being able to multitask is the important quality a medical assistant has to hold. Some will answer phones and greet patients and others will prepare patients for exams and perform basic lab tests.

Work-from-home positions

There are positions in the medical field that can be done from home, allowing more time to spend with families or loved ones. Working from the comfortability of your own home can be rewarding as it gives you the choice to deal with people in person or over the internet and phone. This type of career is ideal for introverts or those with some kind of social anxiety. Telecommunication jobs have grown rapidly and are becoming something that people consider when decided on a medical path.

There are many jobs to choose from like:

  • Medical transcriptionists
  • Medical coders and billers
  • Medical call centers
  • Consulting or traveling physicians
  • Medical illustrators, writers, and editors
  • Pharmacists
  • Insurance agents

Practical nurse

Nursing is and remains one of the top choices for women who want to work in the medical field. It offers an opportunity for people with all levels of education, from ones with associates degrees to those with high doctoral degrees. There are so many options for women in nursing as there is always a demand for the female sympathetic skill.

Working in a hospital as a nurse to working in an office as a nurse allows women to have the variety they need to find the right kind of nurse for them. Also, this particular career allows flexible work hours and certain shift-based schedules, which grants women the opportunity to take of a family if there is one or to enjoy other aspects of their life without the extended hour responsibility that other medical positions may require.

Once you’ve decided

After you’ve researched and weighed the options that the medical field has to offer women you have to see where you want to work. Job searching can be a stressful time but there is a constant need for female positions all over and finding one won’t be as hard.