The World’s Most Stylish Cabin Crews

There are now so many commercial flights taking off every day that this has now turned into a very huge and demanding business. Of course that everybody wants to book a cheaper flight available and with so many choices it’s complicated to know where to go to get the best deal available. That’s why companies such as Cheapflights appeared with a service that puts together all the available flights and the best price possible into one single website.

But, of course, price is not the only thing that matters and this means that airlines have much more to worry about than ensuring passengers have a safe, cheap and smooth flight. While safety is of course the most important factor, airlines also have to make sure their brand stands out from the competition. A big part of this is how the cabin crew present themselves – after all, they are the face of the airline company.

Following intense training to ensure their cabin crew deliver the best possible service to customers, some airlines are even going to lengths to see that their crew are the best-dressed too. Here’s a look at five of the most stylish cabin crews in the world:


5. Virgin Atlantic
Virgin has always ensured its staff are at the forefront of any marketing campaign, often using employees in adverts to demonstrate how glamorous the brand is. In 2013, the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew got even more glamorous when Vivienne Westwood designed their uniforms. The new uniform, inspired by previous Vivienne Westwood designs, consists of a smart frill blouse, red pencil skirt and smart red jacket with a nipped-in waist.

4. Air France
As Europe’s capital of chic, it makes perfect sense that France’s national airline should have a sophisticated and stylish cabin crew. Their understated navy uniform was designed by Christian Lacroix in 2005, and features an eye-catching red bow at the waist.

3. Etihad Airways
Designed by an Italian haute-courtier, the Etihad Airways uniform looks as luxurious as the destinations flown to by the Abu Dhabi-based airline. The uniform is dark chocolate brown with elements of rich purple, including the jacket cuffs and hat. The ‘collection’ was unveiled earlier this year in an elaborate fashion show in Abu Dhabi.

2. Emirates Airlines
The cabin crew of Emirates are known around the world for their unique and beautiful uniforms, in particular the hat with a white scarf attached, which is worn draped over one shoulder. The camel-coloured suit is simple and sophisticated, accentuated with the red hat and the required red lipstick. The airline is said to be very strict with its cabin crew dress code – attendants have to wear the hat exactly two fingers width above their eyebrows.

1. Aeroflot
Topping the list, it’s got to be Russian airline, Aeroflot. The orange pencil skirt and jacket comes with a stylish neck scarf, white gloves and a smart, military inspired hat. Incidentally, many air stewardess and pilot uniforms feature military details, due to the fact that originally it would have been soldiers flying planes.

It might seem like a purely aesthetic thing, but cabin crew uniform can impact on the customer’s overall experience. Plus, they have probably convinced a large number of fans to quit their jobs and become an air steward or stewardess! There’s no other uniform in the world that is as stylish or glamorous.