Tips on How to Support Your Mental Health with CBD Oils

The everyday life of each of us is full of stress at work and school, social pressure, conflicts with the loved ones and random people on the streets. On top of the regular struggles, many of us suffer from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or different mental health difficulties.

In order to stay sane, our schedules definitely have to include various relaxation sessions. In our daily races, we tend to forget to relax and we actually neglect the role of rest. The worst is that many of us have even lost the ability to relax at all!

How to get back on the right track with your nerves? Why is that so important? And how can CBD oil products help achieve peace of mind? Let’s find out!

Getting out of the Vicious Circle

When your organism has been working in full swing for a couple of weeks, months or even years, it’s adapting to the intensity of living and getting out of the vicious circle of hard work, lack of sleep and extreme emotions can be awfully difficult and devastating for our general health!

It’s good to calm your life down and improve your relaxation skills step by step. One of the most effective relaxing treatments to soothe the stress and decrease the tension in your mind and body is using CBD oils (such as Enliven CBD). But how does it work exactly and how to start?

Trying out CBD Oils for the First Time

Using CBD oil tinctures for the first time you might want to experiment with the smallest recommended dosage first. Good quality, essential CBD oils have really strong sedative effects which may surprise you at the very beginning.

The endocannabinoid system present in your body is responsible for the neurohormonal and neuroimmune connections, motor activity, mood, motivation, and the feeling of hunger and satiety. Cannabinoid receptors distributed over your body are a part of the endocannabinoid system and determine the areas of exposure to the CBD oil compounds.

For that reason, CBD oil can be an effective muscle relaxant and mood stabiliser. However, none CBD oil product can be used as a medication or medical treatment replacement! You can only supplement your treatment.

If you’re seeing a psychiatrist or any other mental health specialist and are planning to use CBD oil to help you cope with depression, anxiety, different disorders or addiction, inform your doctor about it!

What Besides CBD Oil Tinctures?

The direct oral use of CBD oils or using vaporisers give you immediate clearly felt results. With other products, the effects can either be more subtle or the CBD compounds need more time to get absorbed and kick in. What CBD oil-infused products you can find on the market and why are they beneficial for your mental condition?


CBD oil-infused gummies are probably the most popular edibles you can get. The difference between applying tinctures under your tongue and consuming gummies is the time of absorption. It takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour for the edibles to dissolve and CBD to start working. Edibles can either be used as a natural tranquillizer before possibly stressful situations or as a sweet snack on a movie night as a survival reward!


Make body balms, facial creams and masks, and bath bombs containing CBD oil a part of your home SPA rituals! Relaxing bath bomb will soothe both your senses and body while facial CBD oil cosmetics will help you fight skin imperfections, acne, and wrinkles.

Morning and evening beauty routines will help you stop the constant racing thoughts and focus on the moment only. Focusing on the things you can see, touch, and smell is actually a part of a common anti-anxiety exercise!


Lighting regular candles is already relaxing — the yellow light and warmth of the dancing fire bring to mind the sense of peace and safety. CBD oil scented candles intensify the experience with their particular chemical compounds that we inhale — similarly to when we vaporise the oil. However, the concentration of inhaled oil is lower when used in the form of candles.

Make Your Own CBD Oil Treats!

Making cosmetics and snacks by yourself is not only frugal but it also works miracles as a form of therapy. It keeps your mind busy but calm and develops your crafty skills which give your self-esteem a nice boost!

Look for YouTube tutorials on how to make homemade soap or body balms, recipes for chocolate bars, and the most important ingredient — good quality CBD oil! Such oil should be produced for oil extraction purposes only. It’s not rare that the available CBD oils are just byproducts of, e.g., industrial hemp farming. Don’t neglect the origin of the oil — it plays a significant role!