Tips on Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

A clean kitchen is a lot of work! Of course, we want to cook in a clean environment and there’s a lot of pressure on ensuring your kitchen makes you look like the modern Betty Crocker, but many of us fall behind. So instead of having to fight off endless piles of plates and spoons, here are the top tips you can follow to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

The Good Old ‘Clean As You Go’

Whether you’re cleaning a mansion or smaller Hoboken NJ apartments, you’ve probably heard this same advice before. The idea of cleaning as you go can be really useful for those who aren’t in a time crunch! Washing a dish or placing it directly into the dishwasher can be handy when you’re done with it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help many people who are short on time or energy at the end of their days.

For parents in crowded households, cleaning as they go isn’t always the most efficient option. Instead, there’s this one-

Fuller Homes Treat it as Teamwork.

If you have more than two people in your home and you all take part in meals together, work together to clean it. The teamwork will allow the task to go by faster and working together will ensure that nobody gets saddled with all of the work. If one person completes the cooking, everyone else can gather and clean.


If your household shares multiple meals a day together, it might be a better idea to rotate who cleans after which dinner. This way, everyone gets an equal amount of responsibility and there’s always a need to hold others accountable.

Invite Someone Over At Least Once A Week

This may sound like a strange way to keep your kitchen clean, but the panic of knowing that someone may see your kitchen in its current state may push you to clean. This could mean scheduling coffee every Monday with a friend or inviting a date over every week to at least pick you up. The pressure to clean, so it looks good for them, will help you control your kitchen. It may seem like a roundabout way to do it, but it works! Plus you get to have a friend over once a week!

Clean Before You Cook

Sometimes the most difficult thing is to convince yourself to clean after you’ve already put a lot of time into cooking. If that’s what’s hard for you and you cook multiple meals a day, make yourself clean before you can cook anything else. This can be hard to enforce as you have to hold yourself accountable, but it’s a good way to ensure you have the energy to clean while also enjoying cooking in a new space.

Don’t Go For Cute Storage Hacks.

Plenty of YouTube and TikTok videos are going around and showing people with immaculate kitchens where every item is poured into a cute container for display.  Although this is aesthetically pleasing upfront, it’s a mess once you realize there are partially full bags of whatever couldn’t fit in the storage container. This may appear clean and tidy. but it’s wasteful.