Top 5 Hottest Celebrities and their Cadillacs

Cadillac is known for making luxury cars that are as durable as they are chic, and it’s no secret that the brand is loved by celebrities from all walks of life. Since the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1930s, movie stars like Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and later, Marilyn Monroe were all seen out and about in one of the company’s models. Popular models as of late have included the Escalade and the vintage Eldorado, among others. If you own a Cadillac, you are in good company. The brand is known for elegance, luxury, and durability, and you can keep your Cadillac on the road for longer with olive, who offers one of the best extended warranties for Cadillac. Count yourself among some of the hottest Cadillac drivers in modern times, including the following.

Kendall Jenner

Coming from a family of known car aficionados, model and TV personality Kendall Jenner is one member of young Hollywood who likes her cars vintage. She has been spotted out and about in a vintage 1960s Eldorado convertible. Her metallic purple Cadillac comes from an era of luxurious and beautiful cars, and this one still has all of the details of the time, including whitewall tires. It is perfectly restored to its original look and style, coming straight from a bygone era.

David Beckham

When David and Victoria Beckham relocated to Los Angeles so David could join the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, one of their first American cars was a Cadillac Escalade. With four kids to tote around, this luxury SUV fit right into their lifestyle. He has since been spotted driving around Los Angeles in a newer model Escalade. Beckham prefers the extended body in black, which is a classy choice that offers a lot of room for sporting equipment and a large family. While two of the kids are now grown, Beckham still loves driving around in his rugged SUV.

Ben Affleck

Another star with a passion for vintage cars is Ben Affleck, who is often seen driving a black 1969 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. His car is a black, two-door model with the long body for which this model is known. The 1969 DeVille was made to be tough as nails while offering a smooth, steady ride. Its body is long with extensive framing and bearing to help make it safer, while the interior is manufactured for comfort. Although the car is a mile long by current standards, it is surprisingly easy to handle compared to other similar models. While Ben prefers the classic model, the new 2020 DeVille is every bit as luxurious as its predecessor, with a sleek, rounded body that is more aerodynamic than the classic version.


Rapper and business mogul Diddy has been driving around in the Cadillac Escalade for nearly two decades. The car has added to his image as a man with luxurious style, even prompting ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez to name drop the car in her 2001 single “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” Diddy owns a variety of luxury cars, but he still reacted like a giddy little kid when his mother gifted him with a new Escalade for his 50th birthday in 2019. The new model in his garage is classic black, although he has been known to drive cars with diamond grilles. Diddy loves the Escalade so much, his daughters even have a toy version to drive around.

Reese Witherspoon

This “Morning Show” star has been spotted in a number of cars including a black Cadillac ATS in 2013. However, her father is an avid collector who is fond of the Cadillac brand. Recently, she and rapper Offset were on Instagram Live talking about their respective shows on the Quibi network. The conversation turned to Cadillacs when Witherspoon confessed that she learned how to drive in her dad’s 1975 Eldorado. The actress and rapper made a deal then and there in which Offset offered to buy the car from Mr. Witherspoon and fix it up in his garage. Witherspoon is quoted as saying that her dad considered the Eldorado to be “the best car ever made.”

Whether your Cadillac is vintage or modern, you are in a prestigious club as the owner of such a revered brand of cars. If you have a newer Cadillac, check out to help protect your investment. The company offers an extended warranty for Cadillac Escalades, the ATS, the DeVille, and a number of other models.