Traits and Signs to Know that He’s the Right Man for You

You’ve met someone and things are getting serious. However, thanks to bad relationships in the past, you may wonder if he is truly the one or if you are missing something. There are certain things you can look for to see if he is a keeper or if you need to jump back into the dating pool. The following are only a few things you should look for when making this assessment.


Couples must be able to speak freely about any topic if the relationship is to last. This is especially true when you’re in the midst of a disagreement or argument, as you need to discuss what is wrong and find a way to come to an understanding together. The goal isn’t to win but to validate the feelings you are both experiencing while also discussing the facts. Both parties need to listen to each other without dismissing feelings or simply acting like things aren’t important when they are to one party. This is crucial because both parties must be able to interact with each other if the relationship fails and child custody issues come into play. Any children from the relationship should not be caught between two parents who fight nonstop and can’t say anything civil to each other.


Trust forms the basis for a strong relationship. Women should never wonder when their man is if he runs late, as they need to be more concerned about the man’s safety. If you feel you must snoop to know what he is up to, the relationship is in trouble. He should be open and honest and willingly share his texts, phone calls, and emails without hesitation. Be prepared to do the same, however, as trust goes both ways. There may be times when a woman feels jealous, and that is normal. When there is no trust, however, these feelings of jealousy doom the relationship because the woman truly believes he doesn’t care enough to remain faithful.


Each person in a relationship needs to totally support their partner and have their back at all times. They need to encourage each other to pursue what interests them, even when they cannot understand why the partner loves that activity so much. The goal is to push each other forward and allow them to grow, especially when that person is having doubts on their own. Both parties need to always support each other as they work to grow and evolve. If one or both partners don’t do this, the relationship will likely falter over time. A partner should always be there to pick up the slack when the other one isn’t able to for any reason. This is a true partnership.


People have relationships outside of their significant other. When family and friends express doubts about a man, don’t dismiss these concerns out of hand. They might be able to see things you aren’t able to, as you are in love and blind to your partner’s flaws. Listen to what they are saying and make your own assessment after doing so. You might find they see things that you have missed, things you truly do need to be concerned about.


A keeper is someone who makes an effort to nurture the relationship. They work hard to make their partner happy and leave them feeling protected and cared for. This person makes plans and creates experiences they can share together or helps the partner work through a problem. They do so to relieve their partner’s burden and make life easier. This means they rearrange their schedule to spend time with their partner and share things, as doing so shows they value the relationship and want to make it stronger.

Words and Actions

If he is right for you, he will back up his words with actions. Women love to hear they are beautiful, but this isn’t enough. The man needs to show her that she is beautiful, and he may do this in a number of ways. He’ll want to introduce her to others and take her places. It might be he brags about her when he doesn’t know she is listening. This shows he means what he says and he isn’t just using words to get what he wants at any given time. For instance, a man shouldn’t tell a woman he wants to spend quality time with her and then spend the entire time on his phone. He’s not backing his words up with actions, and the woman needs to bring this up. This is where communication becomes of great importance.

A person in love is willing to overlook their partner’s flaws and wants to spend time with this person even when they are having a bad day. Nobody is perfect and the partners now recognize they have found someone they consider their soulmate even with these flaws. When this person is found, hang on to him. Another may not come along anytime soon.