Ways on keeping your body healthy

Your favorite health guru would say “always keep a healthy lifestyle.” But what does it mean?

There are several things that comes to mind when we talk about health. Some would see fitness as an indicator of healthiness. Some would say low fats, low carbs, low sugar are the key elements for a healthy body. There are actually 101 kinds ways to choose from but not all could be good for you.

More and more people develop serious illnesses because they failed to listen to their bodies. A seemingly healthy executive who does not have a history of high blood pressure suddenly falls to the ground due to heart attack.

Keeping yourself healthy doesn’t have to be rigid, numbered or something only the gym can provide. You just have to know what is best for you and live the lifestyle needed to maintain or achieve wellness. Sometimes just going back to the basics can already get to your goal. Here are some ways to achieve a healthy body:

Keep a healthy mind – The mind is so powerful that it could dictate what the other parts of the body should do. It can also define the well-being of the body. If it thinks positive, the body becomes energized. If it is in the negative, it can self-destruct. If it thinks healthy, then most likely a shield of wellness will protect your system from catching even the deadliest of all sickness. With a positive mind you will only do what is best for your body.

Know your body – know what your body and mind can achieve, and also what they cannot. Just accept the fact that people are made differently. Someone’s strengths could be your weakness or vise-versa. To have a healthy body play with your strengths. Ask the doctor or nutritionists to help you identify your deficiencies and what you need to do to strengthen you weaknesses.

yoga doing

Exercise – identify the type of exercise routine is best for you. Not everyone could do running or jogging like those with hypertension or obviously those who does not have the capacity to do so. Walking is a good for the heart. Swimming is stamina building. To best identify which exercise to do that fits your physic and objectives, consult your doctor first.

One of the most recommended stress-busters is exercise. It relaxes the muscles and shakes off the negative energies from your body. After a good amount of exercise the body produces endorphine in the brain. It is a natural way of bringing back the good feeling in you.

Eat the right kind of food – as they say “you are what you eat”. If you eat junk food you are most likely to get sick – really sick like having kidney problems, diabetes and the like. The body needs vitamins and minerals to perform well. Many experts nowadays are recommending organic food. Lots of fiber helps detoxify your body. Fruits give you the needed glucose. Fish one of the best source of omega-3. To know more about your diet that is best for you, consult a nutritionist.

Choose your battles – Everyday you encounter people, activities, information, traffic, time and more. All these give you the adrenaline rush. When you encounter a hot headed driver in a traffic jam, take a step back to assess whether it is worth the fight or not. Classify your source of stress according to importance. Drop the most trivial and give your energy to the most important tasks of the day.

Sigh – current psychotherapy studies show that sighing or taking a wistful deep breath reboots respiration and works as a stress management strategy. Stress makes the breathing irregular. Although sighing spontaneously happens whenever muscle tension build-up, it is important to give yourself a break and enjoy a moment of such breathing.