What Are The 5 Main Methods to Find Your First Crush Fast?

Why is the first crush so special?

We guess everyone has fallen in love at least once. However, the thing which is important about it is that this very first time we found another person attractive is very special. It is so unique because this kind of love is the purest and sometimes the truest. For instance, the vast majority of people fall in love at a very early age. It might happen when we are 3 years old or sixteen years old, whatever. The point is that it is never too late to find your first crush. In most cases, people fall in love being unready and they never know the day when they find their first crush. Nevertheless, if you are a mature man, you still might find your love. Let’s review the main methods you might use to find your first crush.

Ways to find your first crush:

Way 1. Plan it.

It goes without saying that the first love we meet is one of the lasting ones. It might last for all our lives, however, a person still needs to make sure this is true love. To do it, you would better outline the kind of person you are looking for when first crush dating. You might, for instance, map out a type of personality you are looking for. For example, you might even draw a portrait of your perfect match. She may look like your first love in kindergarten, whatever. If only you were accurate enough to depict her. You might also see her in your dreams and try to draw her image if you can draw. You might also add a list of qualities of your ideal first crush. Once you are done with the plan, you should either consciously or subconsciously start looking for her.

Way 2. Try speed dating.

If you find the first crush dating legit, you would better consider speed dating as an option to try when looking for your love. This is one of the most contemporary methods to search for your ideal partner. If a lady you date there resembles a girl you fell in love with when you were a kid, you would better give her your contacts because it might be your first crush. When speed dating, you might have an opportunity to date multiple women. In most cases, you will need to spend less than ten minutes with each of them to make sure whether she is a perfect match for you. If she is not, no one will judge you or blame you for making your decision. It is up to you whether to give her your business card.

Way 3. Ask your friends to help you.

This tactic will lead you the right way if you ask your friends or relatives to assist you in finding your love. For example, your best friend might introduce you to a charming lady who is a friend of his friends. Do not hesitate to consider her as a potential partner because your best friend might know your habits and you better than you do by yourself. Therefore, you would better date this woman, at least, to show your friend that you respect him and his pieces of advice. If the woman does not match your criteria, at least, you tried to change the current situation and gained some knowledge and wisdom of how to communicate with a person like that. Friendship might be really handy for many people. Statistics claim that the vast majority of couples were created thanks to help from friends. Do not ignore this opportunity to find your love.

Way 4. Open up your eyes.

This tip might look weird, but sometimes it might be very practical to use. In some cases, you will just need to open up your eyes to see other people, among whom your first crush might be hiding. For example, if you use public transportation or visit a birthday party of your friend, you would better look at and analyze the kind of people you meet there. Just turn your head to see that there are many young and elder ladies that might be interesting love objects for you. Being open-minded is a feature you need to develop when searching for your first crush.

Way 5. Use first crush dating sites.

Sometimes, the first crush dating website will be an irreplaceable thing to try looking for your fascinating woman. You will just need to register there and create your profile. It will not take you a long time to do it. Just fill out every section in your profile, especially, the About me section. Then, once you are ready, you should add either one or a few photos. Make sure they are not blurred and you are smiling at them. Of course, there is a moderator to make sure your profile shines and stands out, but still, you would better revise and proofread everything you wrote in your profile by yourself.

Do first crush websites work?

If you use them every day and regularly check the females’ profiles, you are guaranteed to have, at least, some result. For example, you might find the most attractive lady every day and compose a message to her. Send it to her and wait for a reply from her. If everything is fine, she will contact you if she likes you and your first message. It goes without saying that sometimes it might not work. However, the thing that is essential for you is to never lose hope once you have stepped on the road of finding your perfect match.

Is it easy to find your first crush?

Who said that this track would be the easiest one? If you start searching for your match, of course, you might fail from time to time. For instance, some of your dates might be more successful than other ones. You should be persistent and do everything to reach your desired goal. To stop means to fail.

Are beautiful ladies using dating sites?

If you check, you might find out that the vast majority of women using dating sites are very beautiful. To add more, they might be still single because they are very beautiful and smart. So they register online because they hope to find a nice guy there that will appreciate all their traits of character, beauty, and success.

Final tips

The more you keep on searching for your first crush, the sooner you will find her as long as no pains, no gains. It is a myth that everything comes to him who waits. Waiting is good, but if it comes to searching for your future wife, you should be active and stop waiting because some other man might be more active than you and try to win her heart.
Therefore, we do recommend you try all the methods mentioned above to find your first crush. If you succeed (and we are sure you will), please write your testimonials and publish them for other people to see your example and practice the tips you recommend to them. Good luck, friend, and never ever give up!