What cars are reliable in 2020?

It doesn’t matter if your car is full of shiny features if it breaks down after a short ride. Although in the event of things going awry, stakes aren’t usually as high as in the case of the Donner Party, we expect our vehicles not to test our patience. An occasional trip to the mechanic is something acceptable, “occasional” being here a keyword.

Before you purchase a vehicle, It’s best to conduct a comprehensive research. The internet is your friend in this task; you can compare the raw numbers, but also read the opinions of people who are already past the choosing stage. This article will show you cars, upon which you can undoubtedly rely on.

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Lexus GS

This car may not be the cheapest on the list, but its mix of class, durability, and comfort should make it the ideal candidate for those who can afford it. There are faster cars, but in this price range, its competitors wouldn’t be able to endure so much over a long-distance race. Its elegant and ultra-comfortable cabin ensures that no matter the length of the trip, it won’t be the cause of passengers’ complaints.

Hyundai Elantra

If you don’t care much about the luxury, the reliability being the ultimate goal, then Hyundai Elantra should be your go-to car. Its appeal stems from its low initial cost, combined with a low cost of the visit to the mechanic, which should happen rare enough. Its performance, although not excessively impressive, should be decent enough for drivers who are satisfied if the car works. If, after some time, you’ll get bored of merely driving, there is a possibility to upgrade this model with touchscreen, wireless phone charging, and other gadgets. Or a bike rack for car trunk, if that’s what you need.

Toyota 4Runner

Have you dreamt about breathtaking adventures when you were a kid? If the answer is yes, and if in your soul there is still longing for the great unknown, then you should choose this car. It won’t protect you from every type of danger you could possibly encounter but from most of them. Its sturdy design will ensure your safety, no matter if you get ambushed by a band of gorillas, or some bandits. This vehicle won’t feel out of place in the middle of a safari, but the appearance of Toyota 4Runner in the center of the liberal-leaning city won’t raise any eyebrows.

Toyota Sienna

If the thought of traversing Amazonian wilderness doesn’t entice you, because driving your kids to school without encountering any problems is your main goal, this car will be perfect. It can fit up to 8 people and has a built-in 4G LTE connection; it means that no matter how big is your family, traveling long distances won’t be tiring. Additionally, this minivan has a four-wheel-drive, so you won’t have to fear the possibility of getting stuck in the snow.

Toyota Tundra

Although it’s not the newest model on this list, if your goal is to find a truck that will survive anything, and not break down, then Toyota Tundra should suit your needs. Snow, fire, fire ants, most probably also Martian lasers – nothing can damage this car. If you spend a surprising amount of time worrying about the upcoming civilization collapse, then this truck will be your best friend soon. It doesn’t have the newest gadgets, but when survival is at stake, those things don’t matter all that much.

To each his own

Besides the one unifying quality, that is “reliability”, all the vehicles that you can find on this list differ significantly. It is impossible to choose one that is objectively superior, as everyone has different needs. The ball is in your court now!