What Must You Know: Does Anabolic Steroids Make You Strong Or Destroy your Natural Health?


Gaining strength doesn’t come cheap. Some sports personnel go to the extent of using steroids to act as a booster. Using these drugs might seem beneficial at first, but in reality, they work as trickery to the body. The human body builds masculinity mass as well as stamina to endure any pain. Some of these steroids masquerade as the body’s primary hormone that is testosterone. Some are natural, while others are synthetic. They all affect natural health in one way or another. It could make a person stronger or destroy you in the process. Here’s what you should know

  1. Do steroids make you healthy?

Taking steroids has serious implications right from primary health to determine your career. Upon taking anabolic steroids, the human body processes the chemicals into molecular components which can penetrate cells. It’s where compounds assume testosterone’s place. It happens when the androgen receptors’ shapes bind natural occurring testosterone within the body.

Upon taking this position, they’re activated, thus changing how genes react. They end up affecting regular metabolism, therefore, resulting in great muscular mass. Once activation takes place, some cells multiply protein production that the body uses in building more cells. This phase is anabolism.

During the anabolism process, skeletal, muscular tissues form replicas and increase in growth as a result; you become more agile and stronger.

  1. How does a steroid enhance athletic performance

When one takes any steroid, they are likely to gain 2 or more kilograms of tissues. It can take place in the chest, shoulders, neck, as well as the upper arms. You must be wondering why these areas? It’s because they have many androgen receptors within their cells than any other body parts. Athletes who use these steroids shows signs of improvement in bench pressing as compared to weight lifting

  1. Usage of steroids

One should only use any steroids based on doctor’s prescription than buying one over-the-counter. It shouldn’t be taken as a recreational drug as it can be lethal.

Medical professionals prescribe a steroid to cancer and AIDS patients to assist them in regaining the lost body mass. Some due to the treatment of hormonal deficiency, including hypogonadism.

  1. Side effects

When one takes a drug without a prescription or does an overdose, there’s bound to be consequences. Taking steroids is a way of duping the body as well as cheating during athletic performance. It could destroy your whole career and tagged as a fraud.

Steroids trick the body, and it feels like going through the puberty process all over again. Activation of androgen receptor cells leads to oil production increase within the sebaceous gland thus could lead to acne.

Some over-the-counter steroids side effects include fluid retention, difficulty as well as painful urination process, enlarged male breasts, increased red blood cells count, hair loss, low sperm count, change in libido as well as speeding the aging process

In a situation where steroids get misused, they affect natural health and leads to the following

  • increase heart-related problems
  • sudden heart attacks as well as myocardial infarction
  • tendon rupture as a result of collagen degeneration
  • bone loss as well as osteoporosis this is because they use calcium and vitamin D during metabolism
  • permanent stunt growth among adolescents
  • among women, there are changes in monthly periods, voice deepening, increased clitoris’ length, shirking breast as well as increased sexual drive


  1. Health risks

Aside from the adverse side effects, there are other health-related problems that steroid course:

  • While people share piercing objects to inject steroids directly into their system, they are at risk of contracting HIV as well as hepatitis
  • One could also be at risk of getting poisoning substances within the system which could result in death

Over time, people who use steroids become withdrawn due to severe mood swings; they experience delusions as well as paranoia, some fell they are invincible thus develop rage and anger, which often leads to violence.

  1. Withdrawal

If you have experienced the increase of strength while taking steroids, you probably depend on it that it has now become an addiction nuisance. Are you finding it hard to quit? Do you often find yourself experiencing fatigue, restlessness, depresses, having mood swings, experiencing low sex drive, or having increased cravings? To start the healing process to achieve good health, you have to discontinue taking steroids. Second, seek professional medical advice to get assistance on any issue concerning psychiatric as well as physical signs. After which you need to have a positive and open view of visiting an addiction treatment institution to seek further treatment


The risks of taking anabolic steroids out-ways the benefits. It’s lethal mainly when used without the professional consult of a licensed doctor. To maintain your natural health, you need to adhere to the dose as well as the prescribed duration of usage. Be extra keen so as not to use them for non-medicated purposes like bodybuilding or sports enhancements, these may result in permanent health damage. Your natural health should come first before taking any form or steroids.