What Not to Do When You Want a Divorce

You know it has taken you a while to come up with the decision to get a divorce. You have had to think about many different issues, such as the housing arrangements, the kids, the assets you will have to divide, and more. That is why, when you are about to go through a Salt Lake City divorce, it is important to know what not to do to jeopardize any aspect of this difficult and emotional process. Read on to get some useful pointers.

Avoid Getting Pregnant

Getting a divorce is complicated enough without adding the additional stress of having a baby. Also, the judge may not allow the divorce to go forward because of a concern that the newborn will not have both parents handling the financial responsibility of raising a child.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Will

If you have already made a will with certain provisions, you should know that the fact that you are now divorced will not mean the will is revoked. If you do not want to give any money or assets to your soon-to-be ex-spouse, take the time to make those changes and update the will. Fortunately, wills can be re-written at any time.

Don’t Increase Your Debt

Getting a divorce is expensive enough. You will not only need funds for your attorney’s fees but also to set up your new household. Keep in mind that you may soon be facing bills while you may still not have received your share of the marital properties. It is better to do with less now and to put away some money for those difficult times.

Don’t Let the Holidays Play a Role in your Divorce

Waiting until after the holidays to get a divorce may introduce a lot of emotion and anger into what is left of the relationship. You may actually be eliminating the possibility of achieving an amicable divorce.

Don’t Settle Early

You know you want out of this marriage as soon as possible. Yet, that is not a good enough reason to forfeit your financial security. You need to talk with your spouse about health insurance for you and the kids and other topics such as your joint accounts, credit cards, pension plans, and anything else you own jointly or separately. Be fully aware of what you own and what you owe, and talk about how all of this is going to be split.

If you can talk through all the tough financial topics and the best custody arrangement for the kids, you may be able to file an uncontested divorce. This will not only save you time and money in legal and court costs, but it will also set the tone for your relationship moving forward, which may make it easier for everyone involved, particularly the kids.

Don’t Discard the Possibility of Getting Legal Help

When an amicable divorce is not attainable, hire a divorce lawyer or mediator. During the initial meeting, give them a full list of your family’s debts and assets, an accounting of your income and expenses, and copies of your latest tax returns. That way they will have a full picture of your financial situation and can advise you accordingly.