What Your Hair Says about You even before You Speak

Do you believe that blondes have more fun? Is it true that men find women with long flowing hair sexier? There are a lot of beliefs or statements about hair floating around society. For example, the author of Rapunzel’s Daughters states that she once had a conversation with a high-ranking lady who made a point that all the women in charge of their company have short hair. These statements all seem to suggest that your hair speaks volumes about who you are and probably even what you do. So, what does your hair say about you?

  1. Dull, lifeless hair

You have probably met more than a few people whose hair looked lifeless like they haven’t been to a salon for years. What was your first impression of these people? That they don’t value themselves. Unkempt and lifeless hair is associated with low self-esteem, poverty, or someone who doesn’t care. At Sugar Shack Salon and Spa, you can have a complete hair transformation in a number of different ways.      

  1. Hair color

Blondes are viewed as fun, easy-going people in acting, modeling, and maybe in the beauty industry. Brunettes, on the other hand, are considered to be serious, go-getters who know what they are doing in life. They are viewed as intelligent people while most people will tell you that blondes are bimbos. If you are a redhead or you are rocking another weird color, people will deem you confident and daring, but they won’t take you seriously at first glance. Fierce colors like blue or green on short hair put people off, especially if you have a nose ring. There is also the argument of whether to dye your hair or not as you go gray? In days gone by it was almost a no-brainer if you didn’t want to be thought of as an old lady then when those first gray shoots appear you get rid of them, no question, but there’s an increasing trend towards embracing this and event the shocking new trend of younger woman dying themselves gray as a fashion statement! This can only be a good thing for equality!

  1. Hair length

Long wavy hair is a sign of good health and beauty, which is why people with long hair are sexier. However, in the corporate world, women with hair above their shoulders are taken more seriously by their male counterparts. Shorter hair traditionally sends a statement that the woman is focused on her career and not on her physical appearance, although this is not the case as much as in the past, in days gone by it would have been an excuse to comment or speculate on a woman’s sexuality, politics or even the state of her mental health. But these days it can be simply a matter of personal choice, although, as with all matters of women’s appearance it’s still considered to be fair game for public discussion in a way that male appearances rarely suffer the same scrutiny.

  1. Curls vs. straight

There is a reason why women straighten their hair. Curls are fun and free, but they are not considered for serious people. If you want to look like the girl next door or perform for people in entertainment spots, curly hair is wonderful. On the flip side, if you want a serious corporate job or even a modeling career, straight hair works in your favor. However, there is a thinking in some circles that women with long curly hair are more attractive to men because of the natural look, but then again this all depends on the culture you are living in.

  1. Mohawk

One of the latest trends in women’s hair is Mohawk, although it’s not a new style, we can look back to the punk movement of the late 70s and early 80s to see the origins of this confident and, is definitely an alternative look that makes a real statement. While this style is cool, people associate it with gangsters, ferocious, and brutal women who would give no second thought before slapping you. Men are a little scared of a woman rocking a Mohawk, especially with a weird color, but they won’t tell you that.

While hair can speak for you, it’s essential to know that these are just perceptions. Everybody knows that not all blondes are stupid, and not all brunettes are smart. Beauty, at the end of the day, is in the eyes of the beholder.