Which Adjustable Bed is the Best?

Just a decade ago, these sleeping surfaces were only commonly seen in hospitals. Now, they have been adapted for the typical household, offering consumers increased comfort at night. A bed the parts of which may be lowered or raised is particularly useful for buyers with muscle or joint pain.

Advertisement for these furniture items claims they improve sleep and provide pain relief supporting the right areas of the body. Check out these adjustable bed reviews to see what sleep experts think about the most popular brands. In this article, we will suggest ways to choose the most suitable bed from the wide variety available in the retail market.

The Basics

It is easy to guess why an adjustable bed has received this name. Its parts move up or down and are controlled remotely. By managing the height, you can redistribute weight between your legs and upper body, thereby relieving pressure on your back.

They are also recommended as devices that help patients afflicted with the following conditions:

  • Snoring,
  • Sleep apnea,
  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Edema,
  • Acid reflux,
  • Any breathing difficulties.

These models are favored by seniors and disabled individuals, as they have been shown to enhance sleep at night. In general, these high-tech movable surfaces receive favorable feedback from most buyers.

However, not all beds are created equal. They may be equipped with extra features that you will never use, so it is crucial to examine different models closely. After all, paying extra for a useless addition is hardly a reasonable approach.

Purchasing this electric bed is a costly endeavor. Just consider the features of beds reviewed by professionals at jonsguide. Some of these come with massage functions and pillow tilt adjustment options.


Collect and analyze feedback available on retailer sites, dedicated blogs, and other sources. Steer clear of any opinions that do not look independent. Naturally, this is no easy task for a regular Internet user.

Generally, any information posted on the manufacturers’ official sites is promotional. Do not trust the hype, including celebrity endorsements.


Retail prices depend on the number of extras, but more expensive does not always equal to more valuable. Usually, those producers that disclose their prices are more trustworthy, while their competitors may resort to price gouging and aggressive sales tactics.

Hence, take time to evaluate your needs before heading off to a store. Do you need a bed with a massage, or will adjustable parts suffice? Are you going to share the bed with your spouse? If you are, then the split models are suitable. The more precise your requirements, the better your choice will eventually be.


The lifespan of a bed is defined by its elements. On the whole, the more parts there are, the more potential causes of malfunctioning exist. Your bed will have mechanical parts and electronics. Among the most reliable indicators of quality to help you identify the best adjustable bed is the ISO 9001 certification.

Health Benefits

In general, models with a broader range of positioning options receive higher ratings for pain relief. Look for reviews that highlight effects for your condition.

You could also rent a bed from a medical supplier to see whether it feels comfortable. Your experience of lying on a model inside a store will be different from sleeping on it through the night.


Be very attentive to the terms of the warranty offered. The length of coverage is not the only vital factor. Due to the presence of many parts and materials, the manufacturer may only be offering warranty for the frame. On the other hand, competitors could provide comprehensive coverage.

The most common lengths are 20 years and a lifetime. At the same time, this could be inapplicable to the motor and electric parts. The longer the warranty and the more transparent the terms, the higher the brand’s rating is.

Example of Top Brands

Amerisleep beds are among the most praised sleep surfaces. They come with a mattress from the manufacturer. You can manage the tilt of your pillow, and share a massage session with your partner. The remote control is of the capacitive-touch type.

The company has a reasonable pricing policy, so the costs are well aligned with the extras. There is only one base type, but the average rating is just under 5 out of 5. Customer reviews mention favorable health effects as a result of effective massage features.

A peculiar setting is called Zero Gravity. When activated, it lifts your feet, while your torso is brought to a position delivering maximum relief for your lower back. The latter is a common problem area that is often cited by an overwhelming majority of buyers.

Other trendy features include USB slots that allow smartphone charging, along with lighting underneath the bed and a remote stand that simplifies access.