Why CBD is Emerging as a Popular Anti-Aging Treatment

The anti-aging industry represents a $50 billion a year market according to the latest figures from https://www.statista.com/, with the vast majority of that market being made up of female consumers. While the hunt for effective anti-aging skin treatments has grown, so has the market for bogus treatments that are often filled with harmful chemicals. The result of this has been an intensified focus on all-natural products that may have real anti-aging benefits.

A key beneficiary of this development has been the CBD market which, despite being a fringe industry just a few short years ago, now represents billions of dollars in annual sales and is one of the most popular natural remedies on the market for a variety of concerns.

While the science behind CBD and anti-aging is far from certain at the moment, there are a number of recent revelations and studies that suggest that the compound has numerous positive effects when it comes to countering the various signs of aging on our bodies. Here is everything you need to know about why CBD is emerging as a popular anti-aging treatment for women.

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CBD and Wrinkle Reduction

One of the main areas of anti-aging treatment where CBD seems to hold the most promise concerns wrinkle prevention and reduction. According to https://internationalhighlife.com/, CBD is a strong antioxidant which, as you may know, has been repeatedly linked to the process which prevents or slow down physical signs of aging (blueberries, anyone?).

The anti-oxidizing effect of CBD compounds reduces the kind of stress within skin cells that typically leads to fine lines and wrinkles making an appearance. In addition, CBD has repeatedly been tested for its anti-inflammatory properties, with many studies concurring that that CBD oil reduces the kind of common skin irritant that often leads to skin cell degradation and aging.

CBD and Stress Prevention

However, one of the most powerful anti-aging effects of CBD may in fact be indirect. According to extensive research published on https://www.psychologytoday.com/, emotional and mental stress are among the leading causes of premature skin aging. When you’re stressed out, your body reacts by bearing the physical toll of that stress, which in turn wears it out and contributes to aging.

As you may already be aware, CBD has been strongly linked to stress reduction, which is why it is often prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication by doctors around the world. Therefore, CBD consumption may be a significant anti-aging remedy due to its ability to combat one of the primary causes of premature aging – stress.

CBD and Cognitive Function

The potential mental benefits of CBD as it relates to the aging process don’t stop there. While wrinkles and eye bags are certainly unpleasant, loss of cognitive function and memory are much more sinister effects of aging. However, it is possible that CBD may offer a remedy to these as well.

Studies are currently being conducted into the impact of CBD as a treatment for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia, due to evidence that CBD use can improve long-term memory recall and facial recognition. Although we are currently in the early days of such trial, the signs suggest that CBD may indeed prove beneficial to the preservation of cognitive function in older adults.

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CBD and Skin Conditions

CBD’s anti-oxidizing properties may alleviate more skin conditions than just wrinkles and bags. According to https://www.healthline.com/, recent studies have shown that CBD can combat many of the factors that cause acne. The most significant of these findings involve CBD’s role as an anti-inflammatory, as it prevents the type of skin irritation that typically causes zits to break out.

However, there is more to it than this. That same research has also shown that CBD inhibits the production of excessive oils on the surface of the skin, which is the primary cause of severe acne. It may also be possible the CBD promotes a healthier regulation of natural oils on the skin, which may lead to a healthier glow and a clearer face on people of all ages. This is why a number of leading beauty companies have begun releasing CBD soaps and body lotions.

Consuming CBD for Anti-Aging Purposes

Of course, it’s worth noting that CBD is most famous for being a primary ingredient in cannabis. However, CBD only contains trace amounts of THC, which is the active ingredient responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana use.

If you’re planning on using CBD as a possible anti-aging remedy, you should do so by applying it directly to your skin in the form of CBD oil or a specific and trusted CBD skincare product. There is little evidence linking smoking marijuana to better skin, so those looking for strictly skin-related treatments are better off applying CBD oil products directly to their skin.

Will CBD emerge as the premier anti-aging ingredient of choice? Only time will tell, but the signs so far look pretty promising.