Why Do Small-Scale Weed Growers Prefer Fast-flowering Marijuana Seeds?

Gone are those days when weed growing was just for veterans. Now people from all walks of life are getting into the business of weed cultivation, be it for commercial purposes or just for fun.

Plus, the availability of different types of seeds on the market has only added to the popularity of small-scale weed cultivation. One such place that offers a diverse variety of marijuana seeds is farmerslabseeds.com.

They specialize in providing premium-quality marijuana seeds to people in the US and Canada. They have a multitude of options, including the most popular choice for small-scale cultivators: fast-flowering marijuana seeds. Some fast-flowering marijuana seeds available at Farmer’s Lab are:

  • AK-47 seeds;
  • Black Domina;
  • Gelato;
  • Chemdawg;
  • Bruce Banner.

Now, let’s look at some reasons why weed growers prefer fast-flowering seeds over other types.

Benefits Of Using Fast-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

1.    They Can Be Grown in Smaller Spaces

Fast-flowering weed plants are small in size. This particular characteristic helps small-scale cultivators a lot because it makes it easy to grow these plants in compact places.

Since they do not require a lot of room, they can be grown indoors as well. This also provides growers full discretion to cultivate these plants quietly, inside the confines of their homes.

Furthermore, because they don’t grow into big bushes, they are easier to care for and do not surprise by outgrowing their designated space.

Hence, fast-flowering seeds are the best choice for small-scale growers because they take up little space and can be grown anywhere where there is light available.

2.    Their Plants Are Highly Resilient

Unlike their other cannabis counterparts, fast-flowering marijuana plants show high genetic resistance to mould, mildew, and fungus.

They are also highly resistant to pests and other plant diseases. And because they are ready for harvest before the rainy season, fast-flowering plants can escape top rot caused by wet conditions.

Although they are best suited to growing in warmer temperatures, they can also withstand harsh climate conditions. This makes them perfect for growing in outdoor environments as well.

All these qualities make fast-flowering marijuana seeds ideal for beginners and small-scale growers looking for something low-maintenance and easy to grow.

3.    They Allow for Multiple Harvests per Season

As their name suggests, the rapid growth rate of fast-flowering plants allows cultivators to harvest multiple times per season. For other varieties of marijuana seeds, it usually takes several months for the harvest to be ready. Meanwhile, you also have to protect your plants from natural elements and provide them with proper nourishment.

On the other hand, it generally takes fast-flowering seeds between 4 and 9 weeks, depending on the strain, to fully bloom into a plant.

However, the fast growth rate doesn’t mean that the cannabinoid content of the plant is being compromised. This is especially beneficial for small-scale commercial growers, as multiple harvests per season mean more overall yield.

4.    Fast-flowering Traits Get Passed Down

Fast-flowering marijuana plants are a cross between photoperiod and auto-flowering strains. Hence, they offer the perfect balance of moderate size yield and shorter growing periods.

These special characteristics of fast-flowering plants get more pronounced in the subsequent generations. Therefore, they make an excellent parent strain.

Mostly, when two strains are crossed together, desirable traits get diminished in the offspring. But since this is not the case with the fast-flowering marijuana plants, the strains get stronger in the later generations.

5.    Fast-flowering Marijuana Plants Can Be Cloned

Their ability to be cloned is inherited from the photoperiod parent. Hence, clippings can be used from the fully-grown fast-flowering marijuana plants to grow more plants.

A clone is an exact genetic replica of the parent plant. Therefore, cloning a high-quality fast-flowering plant would guarantee the same consistency in the offspring.

Weed growers often use this technique to maintain quality and produce high-yielding plants. Since the whole germination and seedling stage is not present in the cloning process, harvest time is also greatly reduced.

This is best for small-scale cultivators who mostly require quick results.


Fast-flowering marijuana seeds are one of the most popular types of seeds among small-scale weed growers. This popularity is highly attributed to their easy-growing nature, which makes them perfect for beginners and a bonus for professional growers.

With their hybrid qualities, fast-flowering marijuana seeds can save a lot of your time, money, and energy. Hence, it is no surprise that they have gained so much traction with weed growers in the last few years and will continue to do so.