Why Is the Big Brother Reality Show Still Popular?

Big Brother has been a part of our lives since 2000, so why is it still so popular more than two decades later?

This reality show has undergone many changes since it first appeared on our screen, but the essence that attracted so many viewers at the beginning remains the same today as we look forward to the 24th American season of the program.

The Entertainment Factor

Big Brother was originally billed as some sort of social experiment as a group of house guests were brought together to spend time together, isolated from the rest of the world in a specially-designed house.

We quickly realized that this produced a huge amount of entertainment. The idea of very different people being forced to live so closely together in these circumstances has proved to be extremely appealing, and we look forward to seeing what tensions and friendships are thrown up with each new batch of contestants who enter the house.

The producers work hard to keep the format fresh, by introducing changes into each new season. However, the basic idea has remained the same since 2000, and it continues to be an intriguing idea. Everyone picks their own favorites in the show, which is why so many people look to add some extra entertainment by looking at the current Big Brother betting odds.

From romances to arguments, comedy, and rising tensions, Big Brother has just about every type of entertainment we could ask for. Since we never know what might happen next, there’s also a sense of unpredictability about it that appeals to viewers.

An Escape from Reality

We all need to get an escape from the reality of daily life from time to time, and it’s somewhat ironic that reality shows offer us one of the best ways of doing this. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, it can be relaxing to come home and watch other people’s lives.

When the series first launched in 2000, reviews were mixed. In fact, it’s fair to say that even now there are a lot of people who don’t see the appeal of watching a group of strangers carry out mundane tasks every day for our entertainment.

Yet, the success of the format can be seen in the fact that it has now been a hit virtually all over the planet. Big Brother began in the Netherlands a year before the American show was aired, and it has now produced over 500 series in more than 60 countries. The Canadian show is the only one to follow the American format, with others using different approaches to hook viewers.

There is no sign of its popularity fading any time soon, and this is probably due to the fact that the idea is just so strong and timeless. The show has attracted a huge amount of criticism at times and viewing figures haven’t always been great, but the basic idea behind Big Brother remains as intriguing now as it was at the start of its run.

See the New Celebrities

One of the most interesting things about the start of each new series of Big Brother is how we get to guess who the winner will be. But we can also enjoy guessing who will become the most famous celebrity when it ends, which isn’t always the person who wins it.

Some of the contestants just seem to disappear once the series ends, even some of the really popular ones who have given us a lot of entertainment while in the house. From the seventh season onwards, we can see who the viewers have voted as America’s favorite house guest, which perhaps gives us the best idea of who is capable of carving out a long-term career on TV.

Some of the contestants to have claimed this prize include Janelle Pierzina, Jeff Schroeder, and Cody Nickson, all of whom have gone on to appear in other shows since their successful spell in the Big Brother house.

Among the most popular guests to have won the hearts of America, we can find names like Will Kirby, who won the second series. Britney Haynes was America’s Favorite on season 12 and her combative style means that she is still fondly remembered by viewers.

Dan Gheesling won season 10 and, like many other successful contestants, returned for another series. There’s something about watching these people’s every move for weeks on end that makes them provoke stronger emotions than other TV celebrities, so when we love or hate them, we tend to do so in a way that we don’t in other cases.

All of these factors have allowed the American series of Big Brother to go from strength to strength throughout more than 20 years. We don’t know how season 24 will go, but it’s certain to provide a lot of drama and excitement for viewers.