Identifying Women’s Health Issues

Women’s fashion trends come and go from year to year. Skirt lengths rise, then fall, then rise again. Coats may have collars, come in drab colors, or be created in surprisingly bright shades with no collars at all. Women have grown used to the changing trends around them as the years come and go. But, they may not realize there is one thing that doesn’t have trends, and that is the concern about specific topics in women’s health. Here are a few health risks all women should be aware of.

Breast Cancer

As one of the most aggressive of all the types of cancer that can affect women, breast cancer is relentless. Developing in the milk duct linings inside the breast tissue, this cancer has a ready blood supply and sometimes spreads to other organs with ease. Women also tend to get benign lumps in their breasts, and only an MRI or ultrasound can tell the difference.

Heart Disease

Studies in the past decade show that heart disease is the cause of 25 percent of the deaths for women each year. Sadly, because the focus of heart disease has been on men for so long, most females are unaware of the damaging condition affecting them. Whether it is stress, genetics, or high cholesterol, the majority of the female population suffers from these problems, and the result is still heart disease.

Thyroid Syndrome

Although the disorder is understood, the reason for the high numbers of women that are suddenly developing the disease is not. A yearly health screening is recommended because the thyroid is an important gland in the regulation of hormones. The gland can alter a woman’s metabolism, which in turn can alter mood, energy levels, and the body’s ability to fight other diseases. The four types of this disorder are benign nodules, Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s disease, and goiter – all of which result from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. When the thyroid stops working correctly, an autoimmune disease can often be the result.


Both depression and anxiety are thought to be responsible for breaking down the body’s resistance to and ability to counter several types of diseases. This includes weight gain, insomnia, loss of memory, high blood pressure, and panic attacks. The anxiety associated with depression can also cause a loss of libido, fatigue, and a weakening of the immune system. When depression and old age develop at the same time, the cognitive changes can be put off as old age, and the central nervous system can begin to deteriorate.

Unfortunately, depression is not properly understood by most people from around the world. It is really important to seek help whenever you feel depressed. If you do not do this, things get much worse in the future. Contrary to what many believe, fighting depression is a lot more complicated than simply “shaking it off” or taking a pill. You often need the help of a professional, especially if there are some biological factors that make your depression worse.

Autoimmune Diseases

Surprisingly, the gut biome is responsible for a large part of the autoimmune system. Due to the diversity of the thousands of types of bacteria in the intestinal tract, the bacteriological ecosystem that is your gut is still being studied – and it is frustratingly difficult to understand. The list of these diseases can include lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel disease. One thing many researchers do agree on is that sugar intake harms some of the beneficial microbial elements in the gut, and that can lead to exhaustion, vertigo, pain, and skin problems. It is thought that reducing sugar intake and taking a probiotic each day can help in the prevention of the autoimmune diseases associated with an unhealthy gut biome.

Although stress is thought to be the cause of many problems associated with the higher number of women suffering from the many modern health issues, there is a counter through that it may be the western diet that is responsible for the body’s breakdown of nutrients needed to fight diseases. No matter what you believe, be careful to pay attention to your body. At the first sign of a problem, seek a medical opinion, because finding out early can save your life.

Final Thoughts

Women often have to deal with countless health problems. It is very important to be aware of the really common ones, like those highlighted above. However, many others can be mentioned. Aging is normal but it comes to the table with some pretty unwanted problems. You need to go to the doctor whenever needed and often get checked out.