What You Should Know When Shopping for Organic Beauty Products

It’s important to know about the ingredients that are being used in your beauty, skincare, and cosmetic products. Unless you are well versed in this subject, you probably don’t even realise that some of the products you are using today may contain harmful chemicals, poisons, or toxins that can do more harm rather than good. Companies use products that contain these ingredients due to their cheap costs of production.

As the living healthy and clean trend continues, many are going back to our natural and organic roots when it comes to cosmetic and beauty products. Many manufacturers have changed their efforts from producing goods that may contain toxins to those products that are clean and organic. An example of a company that does that is Alyaka, who has partnered with over 100 environmentally friendly brands.

Let’s try to find out why natural and organic cosmetics are gaining more and more popularity nowadays.

Influenced by Big Names

People are easily influenced to try products that they have seen endorsed by those who are well known or famous. It’s no secret that most regular people have a secret desire or dream to be like the influencers, actors/actresses, athletes, singers, or anyone in the spotlight. Therefore, when they see someone with a big name advertising a certain beauty or cosmetic product, they are more apt to try that product.

Many companies understand that and often reach out to influencers to advertise those products in hopes that they will have more sales with the connection between influencer and product.

Why Organic?

At the same time, we live in a day and age where people are rewarded by taking good care of themselves. People tend to be more active than not, and want to fill their bodies with proper nutrients to stay healthy. We are influenced by taking care of ourselves by knowing that we will be rewarded with hopefully a very long, happy, and healthy life.

Organic clean products are made without chemicals that could be harmful not only to your health but also for the environment and animals as well. Products made from organic ingredients are not only better because they are clean, but they also may work better than those products made with synthetic ingredients. Organic and natural products are most likely biodegradable, and there is less harm being done to the environment from using them. We are protecting ourselves from being exposed to dangerous toxins by sticking to organic natural products.

Most of the organic products are created with a gentle approach. They aren’t made with harmful ingredients, and typically are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. That is a huge win for anyone who may have gluten issues. Using organic cosmetics and makeup products also tend to reduce our carbon footprint.

What Does It Mean to Be Organic?

Usually, organic products are made without any harmful parabens and are typically based on earth’s elements such as natural plants including aloe or nectar. Cosmetic companies are turning to creating products that don’t contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

Not only is it easy for companies to advertise the benefits of any organic product, but they also help influence the consumer to think that they are kind to the environment. They are influencing the idea of looking good, feeling good, and doing something good. Many cosmetic companies promote their beauty products and inspire consumers to use products that will be beneficial and kind to them.

Using makeup with healthy ingredients helps make beauty or cosmetic products purer and better for you. People feel better about the choices they make by using organic products. They know it helps their own well-being, and also makes them be kinder to the earth itself.


Another huge important draw to natural and organic products is the fact that they are made cruelty-free. That means no animals are harmed or are used to test the cosmetic products that companies make. For years and years, people have fought over animal rights and have finally won. To know that animals aren’t being used as real life test “guinea pigs” for these products, makes it seem like a major win to animal lovers and all people.

Why Wait to Make the Switch?

Organic products also are absorbed into our skin quicker due to their molecular compositions, so there tend to be quicker results thanks to the natural ingredients.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to choosing organic products, it can help reduce your risk from using a product that could cause some sort of harm to you, enhance your health, make you feel good, and also show that you are doing something kind to the environment. Why wait to try to make the switch when all the signs point to how good organic and natural products truly are for you?