Why You Might Be Feeling Lazy

Lethargy is something that plagues people of all walks of life. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why one feels exceptionally lethargic, especially if they live a seemingly normal lifestyle. There’s a good chance, however, that a little bit of introspective thinking can help you to identify things that are causing problems in your life, and that the “lazy” feeling you’re experiencing may be a direct result of these issues. Kicking laziness to the curb is one of the most difficult things that a person can do for themselves, but also one of the most productive. The following are five common causes of that lethargic, lazy feeling that so many of us experience from time to time, as well as how to remedy it.



Most people who have experienced deep depression can attest to the fact that it feels as if there is no way out at certain points. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to realize that depression affects millions of individuals on a yearly basis, and is not even remotely uncommon. One of the side effects of depression happens to be laziness. After all, if you’re depressed, why would you have even the smallest amount of motivation to get things done?

It can be tempting to allow depression to take over, although this will do nothing to help improve your life. Instead, consider working with a therapist, and don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor to determine what medical treatments may be beneficial.

Lack of Exercise

It’s not uncommon for the importance of a solid exercise routine to go overlooked. The fact is, however, getting the proper amount of exercise is one of the most positive things that a human being can do for themselves. Exercise not only has a strong affect on one’s physical fitness and appearance, but it can dramatically affect mood and keep depression at bay.

Because a lack of exercise is often associated with poor physical fitness, it should come as no surprise that avoiding exercise often results in laziness. This is especially true if an individual is already depressed, as the combination of depressed mood and sedentary lifestyle can truly be toxic. You can get a lot of mileage out of going to the gym even just a few days a week, especially if you’re working with a personal trainer.

Poor Posture

Posture is something that can make or break your ability to get through a long work day. This is especially true for those who tend to sit at a desk for hours at a time, which can be truly terrible for the back. Having back issues caused by your office chair is no way to go through a day, although you may be able to remedy the issue simply by improving your posture. Getting your back off of that of a poor chair, for example, can help to ensure that you aren’t pinching nerves or leaning on pressure points; a common issue with sitting for long periods of time.

Changing one’s posture is often considered to be one of the hardest things a person can take on, however, and is something that will most certainly not happen overnight. Ideally, you should be focusing on exercises and mindfulness both at the office and at home, as these will ensure that you correct your posture the moment you really you are slouching.

Being Overweight

Obesity is one of the biggest problems that people in the western world face, and it has caused more than its fair share of problems. Whether it be diabetes, heart conditions or otherwise, there’s no getting around the fact that living as an obese individual can mean dealing with a great deal of health problems at one point or another. Being overweight is not only unhealthy for the physical you, but for your brain as well.

Obesity is very often associated with feelings of laziness, which can stem not only from the depressive nature that can come along with obesity, but also the general difficulty that many obese people have with moving and getting around. It should come as no surprise, then, why so many people who struggle with weight issues also struggle with getting things done throughout the day.

Being overweight doesn’t have to be something that plagues you forever. There are plenty of weight loss support groups in virtually every city in the world, most of which can be very helpful to those who struggle with weight issues. Perhaps most important it to truly start putting focus on your diet, as proper nutrition is one of the most effective ways to combat weight issues, and doesn’t have to be as difficult to implement as many people think.

Substance Abuse Issues

It’s a rather unfortunate truth that substance abuse issues plague a great deal of people not only in America, but in the rest of the world as well. Substance abuse can not only take away one’s will to get things done, but can also lead to a variety of health problems, and can even mean certain death for some individuals. Substance abuse problems also lead to depression, which makes it clear just why so many people who struggle with substance abuse also struggle with laziness.

The destructive nature that comes along with abusing drugs and alcohol is just one more reason to consider living a clean and sober lifestyle. Getting sober can be extremely difficult, but it’s far from impossible. Consider joining a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which has helped countless people reform their lives and get back to their productive selves. If quitting entirely is something you don’t feel comfortable with, it can be very effective to embrace a plan that focuses on moderating your intake.

Laziness is one of the most problematic issues that a person can deal with, and can dramatically decrease your chances of finding success in life. By isolating the issues that are truly causing problems in your life and taking steps towards change, you can ensure that laziness is no longer a part of your daily life.