Yes, she wants to marry you! 7 Signs that says she is ready

Women are unpredictable. Yes, they are. They can be emotional, irrational, and illogical. But they can also be loving, caring, and understanding. And men can not live without them. Admit it! You men just cannot get enough of women. A women need a man by their side as well, which apparently leads to the life-long constitution we call marriage. However there is a common misconception that women are rather programmed to be married and say ‘YES!’ even before you start asking her the big question. But if you are smart, you will have already identified that as a myth and start asking more serious questions and look for signs. Well, one thing’s for sure, women are really good at giving hints. It’s just a matter of uncovering the hints and you’d have the answer you are looking for. So, here are the some of the most clear cut signs that a woman is really ready to get married:

she wants to marry

1. She likes to discuss the virtues of marriage

She talks about the good and bad of marriage, the ‘good’ being mentioned several times more than the bad. She tells you about her ideas of a successful long-term relationship, and that she’d like to be in one someday. If she is really up and ready for it, you’d know by the way she fondly refers to marriage as being a bond that lasts forever. Now, if she weren’t ready, she’d probably avoid the entire discussion where marriage comes up and would not want to say anything about it. Avoidance in the matter is one of the crucial signs that she is not ready for marriage, yet.

2. She loves to be around you

She likes to be with you, and says she’d like to be with you for a lifetime. She cleans your room, wash your dishes, or setting your clothes right. She even cooks for you. Sometimes she nags at you (like a typical wife would) because you just cannot keep your living room clean, despite all her subtle efforts. But she then sets the room right (again, like a typical wife). These are obvious signs that she really wants to live with you, and, supposedly, as being your wife.

3. She wants you to meet her family, and shows interest in yours

She invites you to have dinner together with her family, and insists that you talk to her dad about stuff in common, perhaps play golf together, or watch a (common) favorite game. She asks you to accompany her to family picnics, so that everyone gets to know her man better. She also makes inquiries about your family, and wants to know what kind of women they like. If that is the case, you are in the right track. She really wants your relationship to be a long one.

4. She talks about the future

If she’s been using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ when talking about the future, chances are that she already has a vision of your life together as a couple. She asks about your future plans, shows genuine concerns regarding your work life and where it is leading, and also gives you suggestions on what would be the best thing to do next. She perhaps even consults you for advice on her career and life ahead. Chances are that she has perhaps set her mind on marrying you.

5. She mentions are married friends, and notices other married couples

She let you know what a wonderful proposal her office-colleague or her friend has experienced, and how romantic she thought it was. She has been talking to you about how her friend looks so good together with her husband, and muses over the idea that perhaps you two will make a great couple too. Did she point out to a married couple recently and say – ‘They look happy, don’t they?’ Maybe it’s time you ask her if she’d like to be happy like ‘them’ too.

6. She looks affectionately at wedding dresses on display of stores

When you two are out in the town, shopping together or just walking by, she stops in front of window displays of wedding gowns and awes at the beauty of one. And by her look, you know she wants it. She is perhaps imagining herself in the white fluff as well. And you in a tuxedo. And the wedding bells are perhaps also ringing in her ears. So do not be late to tell her that she would look beautiful in it… and perhaps you would love to see her in one of these.

7. She asks you about your idea on kids

She likes kids, you know that. She loves the idea of being a mother. She says that she wants a lot of them, plus, she also asks you about your opinion on children. All of these mean the same thing– she wants to have children with you. Now that being decided, there is really no doubt that it’s you she wants to share her life with.

With all these signs popping up every now and then, in conjunction with your anticipation being building up about when to ask her the BIG question, do not get over-excited and hasten the procedure. Do take the time to ponder on the hints she’s been giving you and think about the things that she has mentioned – a particular romantic fantasy (suggesting how she’d like to be proposed), or a place she loves very much (suggesting where she wants to be with you at that moment). If she has mentioned her preference of rings, something like ‘I do not like huge stones on rings’ – or something similar to that, make sure you have made a note. After all, the more detailed the ambience and the atmosphere is, the more attention you give to make sure everything is perfect (especially the ring), the more are the chances that she will stand in an alter and say ‘I do’ to you, someday.