10 celeb fashions trends that won’t be making a comeback

Celebs are considered fashion icons, strutting on the red carpets with their designer gowns, smizing like a pro for the cameras. But there are some fashion trends they once employed that we’re pretty sure won’t be making a comeback, and while they aren’t on par with the clothing choices they make today we are a little sad to see them go. Just a little bit.


  1. Satin

Back in the early 00s, celebrities loved satin fabric and would wear dresses reminiscent of that poorly fitting prom dress your Mum made you wear because you were being too picky too close to the big day. Your bra strap was probably on show and you may have had matching gloves, but it’s cool because even celebrities have been through the same tough ordeal. Even fashion goddess Taylor Swift.

  1. Decorative ties

Blame Avril Lavigne for this fashion faux pas as she dominated the punk rock fashion scene with skinny ties thrown on over a tank top and very baggy trousers. While many of us probably attempted to replicate her look (until our Mums confiscated our straighteners and kohl eyeliner) it’s not one that will be making a comeback anytime soon.

  1. The velour tracksuit

Donned by celebrities just popping to the shops and even at big events – looking at you Lindsay Lohan – the velour tracksuit was the celebrity version of the onesie and we’re pretty glad it’s a trend that was nipped in the bud. Stars such as Britney Spears loved to wear the velour trousers low enough that their intimate could pop out at any moment.

  1. Gradient sunglasses

Much loved by Anastasia, Britney and Kim Kardashian before her makeover and newfound love of a good bodycon dress, gradient sunglasses (usually tinted in a strange blue or brown colour) were worn regularly on the red carpet, inside at events, in the back of a cab on the way to a night out… basically everywhere. You can’t deny these celebs cared about their eyes.

  1. Bikini tops as actual tops

Swimwear was apparently okay to use instead of a normal top when heading out the house with the likes of Halle Berry and the members of Destiny Child (mainly Kelly Rowland) regularly baring their midriffs and pairing a teeny tiny triangle bikini top with some low cut, frayed hem jeans.

  1. Band jackets

You can thank MCR for this trend, which was swiftly copied by the likes of Beyoncé and every other celebrity wanting to rock a military style fashion look.

  1. All denim ensembles

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on this joyous moment in fashion history. Let us never forget how much celebrities loved to rock an all denim ensemble and how you will probably never see such a beautiful sight on the red carpet, ever again.

  1. Waistcoats

Sequined, leather, corset, pin stripe, brasserie, cropped and full length; waistcoats were much loved by both male and female celebrities, who enjoyed pairing theirs with flared jeans, open shirts and even tank tops. Thankfully, this love affair didn’t last long and won’t be making a comeback any time soon.

  1. Matching band outfits

You wouldn’t catch Little Mix doing this now, maybe, these days bands pride themselves on their members individual styles – much like the Spice Girls did – but celebrities in groups once dressed in the same print or colours but in different styles for big events. Maybe it was so they didn’t lose each other?

  1. Cropped jeans and calf length boots

Thank goodness this trend will never return, although if you think about it your Mum probably still likes to wear this ensemble to dinner at the local pub on a Sunday. Celebs loved pulling on cropped, culottes style jeans with suede, heeled boots to big events. Shudders.


It’s safe to say that fashion now has its moments and there might be articles like this written about this decade in the future, but while you tuck into your fashion magazine subscriptions UK or browse trend articles online, you won’t find any of the styles above featured. We hope.