How To Choose Your Custom Team Apparel: 5 Guiding Tips

Maybe you’re a cheerleader, maybe you’re a dancer, either way, team apparel is a key part of the quality of your performance. Even better, custom team apparel helps you take it to a completely different level. It shows you pay attention to detail, and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of the team.

This begs the question: How exactly do you go about picking the best team apparel for everyone in your squad? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s the criteria to follow when picking out custom team apparel.

Use Breathable Fabrics

You will be sweating profusely while dancing or cheerleading. You want to make sure you give your body as much space to breathe as possible. This means wearing the proper breathable fabrics whether you’re practicing, competing, or out giving a performance.

This might mean using a cotton blend or a combination of fabrics that works well for you skin. This way you also avoid unsightly rashes or fabric chafing.

Make Sure It Fits Your Particular Body Type

Each and every one of us are different in our own beautiful and unique ways. This also means your apparel will have to fit your exact body type.

Making sure it fits your physical makeup is key to making it all a success and not have to worry about ill fitting clothing, getting tangled in something, or just downright not feeling comfortable and confident in yourself. Ensuring you choose gear with a good fit is simply good practice, and it nicely leads to my next major point.

Stretch Fabric Helps With Flexibility

Imagine trying to get through every practice with a pair of tight blue jeans on. Yikes, right? I can’t even begin to explain how uncomfortable it would be. Quality stretch fabric that moves with your body can only serve to help you and not bog you down. This increases your flexibility and overall better performance.

It also helps prevent dangerous injuries that could keep you from competing at a higher level or even participating in your favorite sport all together. As a fellow lover of sport I definitely wouldn’t want to sit out because of bad apparel choices that could even lead to a possible compromised safety.

Ensure Quality Over Quantity

Quality is very important here, because chances are, if you’re part of an active team, you’ll be using your gear quite often. This means you need fabric that will stand the test of time, that can be washed over and over, and still maintain its shape and quality. Thankfully, apparel hubs like Move U specializes in custom team apparel that has the quality to bear it all. It makes more sense to have a few garments that will stand the test of time than to have ten that only last for one use.

Have Fun With It And Make It Your Own

And last but not least, it’s important to have fun with it all. Choosing custom team apparel is no fun if you don’t keep a few basics in mind. The awesome thing about picking the right apparel is the confidence boost it can give you while practicing or performing.

Having fun with picking out your custom gear will only enhance the experience, and make sure you are in a good place as you bring your A game to your dance and/or cheerleading routines.

Dress for Success

These tips are designed to help you dress for success and pick out your best gear. They are in no way supposed to be limiting and are instead a way to allow you to pick out your best apparel and express your style.

The magic of choosing your own personalized team gear is that you get to make it your own, it boosts your confidence, and it gives you a greater sense of belonging as you sport your team’s name and logo on it (or whatever else you want).

It’s great to be able to rep your team and feel comfort and confident at the same time. Now, are you ready to dress for success and put together your best set of custom apparel gear?