Trendy New Womens Fashion Styles for 2012

Fall is finally here! And that means new designer garments. Colors and styles are just waiting for you to try on. It’s time to go shopping girls. The Designers have released their fall 2012 collection, and the stores are filled with brand new fashions, colors and trends. The following are just a few of the cute new styles available from most stores.

1 – Wow! The Colors are Stupendous!

The bright, too-clashy colors of yesteryear are gone. It’s all about rustic colors this fall; with cool new camel tones, lush browns, and rusty reds, this new style gives you a great new down to earth look, which gets you ready to transition into winter.

Fortunately, these color combinations are sprouting on everything – petticoats, cardigans, blazers, and scarves can all be matched together this fall for some amazing and unique fashion choices. Mixing and matching is a great way to create and maintain your own style. Find an old favorite in the closet, match it with a new addition for fall, and you’ve got a stunning color scheme and a sharp outfit.

2 – Gray is All In!

This is the all-time new great “hot” color; just as popular as black ever was. These new gray fashions give every woman a sense of elegance and sophistication. Gray just kind of expresses a quiet, classy professionalism other colors can’t. A gray blazer, cardigan, or sweater can really make an outfit sharp and classy, while also giving you a perfect base for other colors. Gray goes with everything, and there are several classic styles in this color.

Gray also flows wonderfully with jewelry, especially deep, grayer tones. A smoke-colored beaded bracelet, a burgundy necklace, even just black and gray wristbands can compliment a gray outfit beautifully. It’s definitely a great idea to invest in a gray blazer this fall – with so many color choices and outfit possibilities, you’re not going to want to miss out on this fashionable fall favorite.

3 – It’s all About Hot New Textures

Although straight lines, and business fashion is all the “in” thing right now, it all comes with a twist – these come in interesting textures. Bring those autumn tones to life with cool new textures made in tops, skirts and coats. Just be careful, if you are a little curvy, as too much texture can make you look too bulky.

Here are some ideas for terrific textured outfits: burgundy/brown autumn plaid. This would go spectacularly with some sharp deep brown boots or long gray socks.

A wool jacket. Wool’s fuzzy and sophisticated texture can really make a fall outfit shine. It’s local, it’s popular; you could even say it’s topical. A wool top in general is a great base for any outfit.

Finally, a scarf/shawl combination. These accessories can be among your most powerful fashion additions this fall. A knitted, textured scarf can be the best cherry you can place on top of your fall-outfit cake. A scarf or shawl is great for warmth, you can tie/place them on in a variety of ways, and they can really compliment any outfit by being a final touch.

4 – Big stripes, little stripes, even one stripe or two – it’s all good!

Stripes are back but not in the traditional sense. This time it’s all about straight lines; the go across horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. However, the best part about these is they work for both curvy and thin body types to make you feel more feminine. In addition, stripes can compliment other fall ideas, like a plaid blouse or a pencil skirt, making you look your thinnest and sleekest. Vertical lines are as much of a great fashion choice this fall as they are a wonderful tool to look tall and thin.

Stripe are a bold option in general, and flaunting them fearlessly really gives you class and plenty of head-turns. Once you find the confidence to wear this bold type of outfit, you’ll see a lot more fashion doors open up for you. Wear a cool new straight lines skirt-suit with a beautiful pair of women’s heels, and you’ve got it made.

5 – The 1950s Slit is back

Bring out your sexiness with a great slit skirt.These come in all lengths, so you can show off a little leg or a lot. Whatever works for you! Pair the skirt with a great rusty top and beautiful shoes and you’ll be the top fashion expert in your office.

Longer slits are typically for more fancy affairs, so try and stick with knee-length, maybe a little longer if it looks good. Right under the knees if the perfect length. This gives you room to flaunt those new boots/high socks combination that look great anywhere, from the desk at work to the date night after hours.

Of course, the classics will never go out of style. All you have to do is pair that gorgeous business suit with a rust or earth toned blouse, a few accessories, and you are set to go. So what if you can’t fit the new styles into your budget. Don’t worry! You don’t have to buy it all! Just buy a couple of new pieces; a terrific new earth colored blouse, a slit skirt and a great pair of ladies heels, and you are set for your fall season.

Remember, it’s all about mix and matching, bold colors, and confidence in outfits this year. Fall is here, and if you feel you haven’t been able to express your inner fashion self recently, then now’s your chance.

If you just have to save some money on this year’s fall fashion trends head over to your computer to get some really outstanding deals. Often, you can find trendy styles here at much cheaper prices than you can in traditional department stores. Fall fashion can be a little pricy, but with some patience, confidence, and fashion style, you can rock your outfits this season fearlessly and happily, and you’ll have forgotten the price tags long ago.